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Vincent Weiss

Class and Character Information

Career(s) Merchant Marine
Homeworld Regina
Social Status12 -High status family & Local Fame



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair


A man aging well with playful blue eyes and a smile or grin at most things. Can hold himself with any range, from noble bearing, to low humor. Can be disarming or commanding.


Vincent Weiss is the youngest child of the Weiss family, owners of the Weiss Mobil, a transportation empire that operates behind the claw in Deneb, the Spinward Marches, and beyond. Weiss Mobil moves everything from cargo to people to information. Vincent could have stayed in a life of luxury, but his wanderlust was too great. Eager to prove himself, he signed on as a new Merchant Marine at age 18, eschewing his parents help, but picking his parents company.

He first served aboard the Weiss Mobil Zhijun Gu, a large hauler. What he did not know is that Gerwar Long , agent for his parents, was monitoring him from the beginning. Long moved behind the scenes to ensure Vincent received advanced training and that he was promoted.

Six years in, it was obvious to Long that Vincent was quite adept at his role. He turned in his resignation and bid goodbye to his charge, telling the young man he was sure he would do great things in the company. Gerwar Long then left the service of Weiss Mobil and headed out to his own fortune as part of the crew, and later captain, of the Far Trader Kharku. Vincent goes on to prove Long right, with an excellent run in the next several years. While he served ably, the Zhijun Gu was also placed on several choice routes by his family behind the scenes.

As he advanced, it was clear that Vincent, despite his efforts, was receiving favoritism. This did not sit well with some spacers. Vincent became embroiled in a bureaucratic morass after being set up by others with incorrect paperwork. He learned the system to unwind it, but lost any chance at promotion due to guilt by association. With the animosity of some of the crew, Vincent spent a lot of time outside the ship, and the scandal cost him a promotion.

To move him from the scandal, Victor was transferred to the liner Weiss Mobil Fernando Zhang. This was Victor’s chance to shine! He proved a fantastic front man for the Zhang in terms of passengers, cargo, crews, and communications protocols. At this point, Victor was being left alone as excelled in his chosen profession. However, this was not to last.

On track to get his own ship, disgruntled crew again created a set-up, this time with illegal cargo (Psi Drugs). Instead of managing a bureaucratic system, Vincent had to manage the law. Fortunately, he was successful and kept himself out of prison. At this point, his parents stepped in and he agreed to leave for his own safety. He was given a promotion on the way out the door to be First Officer on the soon to be decommissioned ship, Weiss Mobil Muhammad Mal. Here he spent 6 months going around on a good will tour with the hero of day, Captain David Swift. Vincent left on good terms with his family, feeling that he had proved himself, but his wanderlust was as active as ever.

Connections to NPCs

NameNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationshipAmnity-Emnity/ Power/InfluenceNotes
Gerwar Long Agent who followed him for parents VincentContact+1/2/1 Went off to join a Travaller crew
Maximillian WeissFather and Ceo of Weiss MobilVincentFather+1/6/6 Letting his son do things on his own
Alexandria Weiss Vincent's Mother VincentAlly+1/5/5Letting herson do things on his own
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