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Captain (ret) David Swift

Class and Character Information

Career(s) Naval Officer
Homeworld Bowman
Social Status13-Knight



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair



David Swift is the 3rd son of a highly successful mining family in the belts of Boman. While his future was assured in the family business, David wanted to see more than the inside of asteroids. He made the classic move of joining the military to get to travel. Thanks to his family influence and his excellent scores in school, David went to the Core Imperial Naval Academy. While there, he was approached by others to engage in politics, but the young man was not interested enough to make a splash. He graduated with a commission and joined the Navy immediately as an Ensign and entered into Flight.

David immediately made a name for himself by foiling a growing drug ring aboard his first ship. This resulted in a lifelong enemy in the form of one Sgt. Esja Noseln . This very much brought David to the attention of his superiors and was good for his career. This was his most carefree term, flying as he dreamed, traveling to interesting places, meeting interesting people, and (sometimes) killing them. However, thanks to his acumen, this was not to be his future. One David Swift was marked for command.

David spent the next term learning all about the operations of a starship. Someone being groomed for command needs to understand the details of his ship. David stopped seeing stars and planets and instead he saw logistics, time delays, and movement vectors. This was not even close to his dream. However, the upstanding lieutenant refused an opportunity to cut a deal to get back to flight ops when presented. His advancement continued, and David was soon first officer on the ISS Ishur, an Ghalalk variant of the Element class cruiser. Here he saw a lot more people, and found he did well in a diplomatic function. Indeed, a several months assignment on the high-G world of Minnren left him both with a feather in his cap and a ripped physique to show for it.

David became Captain Swift of the ISS Angar, another Ghalalk cruiser. From there, he spent much of his last term years in command patrolling in detached duty. This gave Captain Swift the greatest challenge of his career. The Angar received a distress call from the liner Weiss Mobil Paula Campo. Moving to support the vessel, it soon was obvious this was a trap. Thanks to his cunning and fast thinking, not only was the liner saved, but several pirate ships would never make it home to the Swordworlds. During the fighting, David was significantly injured, but kept on guiding his ship through the crisis. For his actions, David was awarded honors and knighted.

While recovering from various injuries in the pirate ambush, he was sitting at a hospital window looking at the steady lights of the stars and realized he wanted to see the stars as stars again. After recovery and the needed pomp and circumstance, (6 months travel with Vincent Weiss on a tour of the Marches), David put in for retirement and started looking at the next phase of his life. While he doesn’t know where he’s going, he gets to choose the path. That’s just fine with him.

Connections to NPCs

NameNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationshipAmnity-Emnity/ Power/InfluenceNotes
Sgt. Esja Noseln Drug pusher DavidEnemy-1/1/2Punished crew who David caught pushing drugs
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