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Prime Team Log

01 Graduation Exercise

The group is briefed by the Commandant of Prime Central and told they would be going on their graduation exercise. They are going out under Captain Townshend on the USS Hardwick, a DD class ship. The Hardwick is fresh out of being repaired after the Federation-Romulan war and has a mostly green crew. This is its shakedown cruise.

Two days into transit, the Hardwick is pulled out of warp and into an area of subspace interference. The team is faced with a ship of unknown origin, which has trapped the lesser engines of the Hardwick and is pulling it along. The object is miles long, and could swallow starships whole, and appears to be headed towards Rigel.

The briefing officer, who was sent along from Prime Central tells the group “Well, you want to be a Prime Team? This is your chance!” With transporters not working in with the interference, the group was sent to a breach in the neutronium hull in an administrative shuttle using thrusters. Resol is able to guide the shuttle into the hole and land in what appears to be a hanger. It is clear whatever breached the hull caused a plasma and radiation storm within the area, causing significant damage. Moving ahead, the group encounters repair bots they inadvertently “awaken”. The repair bots act to stop the party but are easily dealt with by Resol and Sgt. Maxwell and their phaser rifles.

The group finds a micro black hole surrounded by ship level deflectors powering the entire sector. They have no way around the reactor area. Brainstorming, the decide to bring a suicide shuttle into the breach and use its antimatter explosion to breach the shielded area. Sgt. Maxwell, T’Sar and Sanjy remain behind to keep the repair robots from fixing the holes, while Sabra and Resol fly back to explain the plan. Sabra flies the transport shuttle back, while Resol takes the suicide shuttle. Resol has little trouble getting the bomb into place, but Sabra manages to bounce off the hole. The team decides to jump to the transport shuttle and then returns to the Hardwick.

Once there, they wait for the timer to set off the shuttle. There is a flash of light through the breach, and T’Sar registers internal explosions. The entire structure begins to break down, and the subspace interference dissipates. The Captain orders full speed away, and the Hardwick races from the detonating craft. The subspace effect causes energy surges which damage the Hardwick, but no crew is lost.

Upon return, the team is told they will be graduating as a full Prime Team, and will be assigned to the USS Excelsior, which is due to leave in a 2 week on its 5-year mission. They are given a week off before graduation.

02 The Rocks Cry Out

The new Prime Team Special Delivery graduates at the top of their class thanks to their real-life graduation exercise. They have a week to prepare for life aboard the USS Excelsior.

Special Delivery is met by Lt. Commander Derbyshire and Captain Arrid when they shuttle aboard the Excelsior in orbit of Mars. The Captain gives them a personal welcome. After he leaves, “Coach Darb” instructs the crew they are to meet him in two hours in the briefing room. They are escorted by a young corporal to their quarters.

It does not take long for the team to be settled in. Everyone is given rotational duties: • Sabri: Bridge time as OOD • T’Sara: Training of Science Department • Sanjay: Rotation of the young Ensign through departments to understand a ship • Resol and Maxwell: Training the Marines on board on land-based scouting and fighting The first mission of the ship is to transport Ambassador Austin and Admiral Binghampton to Starbase 7 on the Klingon boarder. While the ambassador is a personable sort, Binghampton is arrogant and self-important.

While Sabri is at the con, there is an emergency distress signal received. He diverts the ship to investigate and the team to the Hap 28 system.

Hap 28 is a G Class Star, cool, with 4 planets, all rocky. 28C is a Class M Planet, though only barely. It has a mean temperature of -2* C would encase it in ice. It is listed as having basic life in its deep oceans which produce its breathable atmosphere. It has no land life. The planet has significant geological activity and is believed to have a high degree of churn from its interior. The land of the planet is a series of glaciers and gaps as much of the water of the world is locked in ice.

The ship can detect four domes on the planet’s surface, but no life signs. The team beams down and surveys the domes before going in. The signal is coming from the domes, but no one is here. The domes appear to be deliberately stripped for parts, running on a single capacitor, with the geothermal power sink capped and moved. The three vehicle bays are empty and there were tracks out. Bouncing the signal back through the relay, the group ship hears a ping at some caves, 10 miles north.

Contacting the ship, Commander Derbyshire recommends a direct beam to the site, because if they return to the ship, the Admiral will make them leave orbit. Beaming to the site, they find several areas carved out for the vehicles. The two buggies are totally destroyed, with what look to be bite marks. There is blood and fingernails near the ATV/Tractor which is sending the signal. The power supply is in the back of the cave, linked to the missing three capacitors, and powering a line down a descending cavern.

Heading down the cavern, they find the mobile drill, destroyed much like the buggies. T’sara picks up faint lifesigns at a distance in the caves, and the team headed for them. Near the great pool in the caves, 5 rocks stand up and attack the team with great legs and grasping mouths.

Sabri suggests warming the ground in the hope it drives off cold based creatures, but it does not work. As they group is attacked, Resol and Sabri manage to kill one of the things, but Resol gets grabbed and pulled forward. T’sara scans for more attackers from behind and Sanjay manages to take out another, while Maxwell dodge being attacked. Quick phaser fire takes out the rest, and the team is faced with a broken bridge. They search the local area and decide to use beds to bridge the gap. The whole team crosses and cautiously moves into the next side. Finding what is clearly where the beasts are coming out, they perform a scan and sense the vein of material is energized in some way. Special Delivery moves on to find 10 of the 12 missing men. Four need immediate stabilization. Unable to get a clean lock on, the four are beamed out using Resol’s and Sabri’s rip cords and send straight to sickbay. At this point, Resol detects more movement coming their way. Unable to move the four still in stretchers, Sabri orders the rest of the rip cords uses. Everyone of the men is beamed out except the two on their feet, as the transporter room cannot make the lock work. The group runs out, and Maxwell brings down the ceiling in a spectacular cloud of dust and debris. The vibrations and ongoing collapse keep the rock monsters occupied while the team races out of the caves. On the surface, they beam back to the Excelsior.

It turned out the men were there illegally. They could afford their material or the claim not both. They went to Orion and got transportation, with a deal worked out for part of profits until they could buy the claim. Now they are under arrest.

In closing, as the ship heads to the boarder, Admiral Binghampton chews out Sabri, complaining about the delay to rescue known criminals.

03 A Snake in the Dust

The Excelsior arrives at Starbase 7 after a rapid journey and put in for repairs to be ready for any hostilities. Constellation and Enterprise are on station but will withdraw before the Klingon Delegation for the summit arrives. Enterprise is headed to Orgainia and Constellation is to be the center point for the fleet.

The crew is given rotating shore leave. Special Delivery is invited to the briefing by Commodore Decker, head of Task Force 3.1. At the meeting, the team meets the Prime Team for the Constellation, August Tales including sergeant Ele Versasci, that John knew from previous service.

At the Starbase bar, Sabri visits with Lt M’Ress of the Enterprise and Resol links up with Lt. Ashok Bedi, a buddy from a previous ship. Ashok invites the team to go on a Safari trip later that day.

Meanwhile, Sanjay and John go to tour the market. John notices Sanjay being followed by a Cromarg. John collected Sanjay, who had purchased an alien artifact of some sort.

On the tour, Resol notices a Cromarg deftly placing a data card in T’Sara’s pocket. The team is unable to confront him, because a Sildarian escorted him away as soon as he got of the transport. The team does not get to study the card before their briefing on the summit:

• The Kommand will be over Trade Town at WS 1 • The Excelsior will be on the other side of the planet, at WS 1 • Starbase 7 will be at WS 0, as attested to by the Light Thieves other half. • The Klingons will beam down to the transporters in the Spire. • The Klingon delegation will be given a chance to enter the room, and make sure it is secure. • Once the all clear is given, the Klingon party will come to the meeting room, and keep their guards. • Then Austin and Binghampton will be summoned. This is set up this way to give the Klingons some balance to the Home Court advantage.

After the summit, John is able to identify the Cromarg from pictures Resol took. Sanjay takes the team to his workbench in Engineering, and safely reads the card. It is a hasty recording by the Cromarg, with schematics on a dual material bomb, hidden from scanners. Special Delivery takes this to Coach Derb, who assigns them to the Starbase to investigate, while the Excelsior goes to the far side of the planet. They beam over to the Starbase and talk with Resol’s contact. He told the team that Lt. Duncan had fallen sick after the last briefing. As he was responsible for all security arrangements. T’Sara talks with the Doctor, who notes somehow, Lt Duncan has a Klingon version of the mumps. He is recovering but being kept sedated during the process.

Getting with Ashok who is in security, the team investigates Duncan’s quarters. They do not find anything of note that would show how he got infected, but Ashok notes Duncan went up and down, visiting the planet more than once.

Ashok facilitates Special Delivery beaming down to Trade Town. The group studies the floor plan of the Spire and find out the top 5 floors are closed. They note the building is shielded to Resol ably hacks the Turbolift and they search the Restaurant and Meeting rooms. Noting that no one brought climbing gear, they do not check the roof. They use the secure stairs to head down to check the 15th floor where their scans find two humanoids in a room. T’Sara is able to tell they are a Dunker, and Orion. Resol sneaks up to the door and listens, and they seem asleep. Resol opens the door, but unknown to him, it triggers a security alert. They burst into room and John throws the stun grenade knocking out both occupants of the room. T’Sara bound the two women, and the team searched the room. The bedroom, immediately under the summit room, had the bomb described on the data card. The Dunkar appears to have medical equipment in her bag, and both appear to have equipment similar to a Klingon Dagger team.

As the captives come around, T’sara hears someone outside the door. The men cover the door, while T’Sara guards the captives. As the door opened, all four fired, stunning three local security guards and their 1st Lt. Federation Marine leader. They drag them into the room and shut the door.

Sabri starts his interrogation, and soon finds the two are unwilling to say much. The Orion stands on Federation Citizenship, while the Dunkar asks for asylum, admitting they were “watching” the room, but claims they were paid by a Cromarg. Not buying the stories, Sabri turns up the heat while John starts to “fiddle” with the bomb.

About this time, security begins to wake up. Lt. Smith recognizes Special Delivery and asks what is going on. Resol receives word from Ashok that the Kommand is inbound and the Klingon Dagger team will be beaming down in 60 minutes. Seeing the need for fast action, Sabri has Lt Smith contact Fed Land, and arrange to meet with Col. Allen, the commander of Fed Land and security. The group takes the two women into custody and beam back to Fed Land, along with much of the bomb.

Sabri fills in Col. Allen who takes the two Dagger team members into cells, and sets up a call in CIC with the Kommand, Starbase 7 Commandant Admiral Bishop, Binghampton, and Ambassador Austin. Captain Kaltek demands that his Dagger team Light Thieves be joined by Special Delivery in searching the tower. Austin shuts down Binghampton, and agrees.

The two teams search the Spire top to bottom, flushing out people into Federation hands. During the search the two teams discover a hypo with traces of the virus in the room rented by Duncan. They also find that the tricorders for the Light Thieves were tampered with to not pick up the explosive traces left.

Cleaning the building, the Dunkar is turned over to the Klingons, while the Orion is kept prisoner. Lt. Duncan quickly makes a deal with the JAG to admit the whole plot:

Lt (SG) Percy Duncan was aid to Admiral Binghampton and Duncan is responsible to set up the meeting. In fact, he was a deep spy, suborned by the ESS with both money and promise of power. Working with ESS forces Dagger Team who have infiltrated Trade Town, he organized the security to have lapses, and allowed access of the ESS Dagger Team to plant a bomb. It appears Varak Graf was the Cromarg who alerted Special Delivery. That Team was: o Cromarg (M): Varak Graf o Slirdarian (M): Kal Urso o Klingon (M): Otek Kane - Leader o Orion (F): Ela Jin o Dunkar (F): Gossa Fren

The Quartermaster on the Kommand was tasked to sabotage the software on the Klingon tircorders. The whole goal was to create an assassination that looked to be done by the Federation. Lt. Duncan would have recovered, alive, and snuck down to the planet to escape.

Both teams provide security for the summit which does not go well, but the teams get along well. Commander Kos tells Sabri she hoped “The Light Thieves and Special Delivery will meet in battle.

The Excelsior leaves to meet up with Task Force 3.1.

04 Of Course, No One Wants War

As the Excelsior races towards the Orgainian region of space, Resol acts on his recent experience and hones his lockpicking skills. Task Force 3.1 is assembled near Orgainia sans the Enterprise, which is at the planet itself. As the Excelsior arrives, the code signal for war is sent. The Second Federation-Klingon war has begun.

Shortly thereafter, the Enterprise reports destroying Klingon FF. Captain Kirk and his first officer, Spock, are still beaming down to the planet to build a base. Meanwhile, the Tyson reports Klingon fleet approaching, and the Enterprise is recalled, without Captain and First Officer, Commander Scott is in command. And so, the Battle of Orgainia begins.

Special Delivery is assigned to stand by for hit and run transporter missions. When the shields on the D6 Degradation are down, and its bridge already hi, Special Delivery is sent over to attack the Bridge. Beaming in, they are confronted with destruction and dead bodies. They dispatch four bridge crew, including the 2nd Officer, and blow up the remains of the bridge with Photon grenades, returning to the Excelsior

The battle continues, with the FDR and the Georgia taking significant damage. The team hears the reports and watches on the monitors as the Excelsior launches a wild weasel to adsorb a scatter pack from the Degradation. Then, after another exchange of photons and disruptors, the Excelsior is ready to launch more hit and run raids. Special Delivery beams over to the secondary hull security station.

The team beams down outside the security station, in the middle of Klingon armored soldiers. While this normally would have been very dangerous, the soldiers are all occupied fighting crewmen trying to rise up in the fight. In an exchange of gun fire, John was rattled by the pressure of the disrupter fire, but the team quickly took down the 6 guards. They were then approached by a Cromarg, Petrovah, pleading for their help in taking the ship and defecting to the Federation. Sabri calls the Excelsior and receives permission to help. The heavy cruiser then snapped up its shields and headed to help the Enterprise.

Petorvah told the team that they had to take the boom before the Klingons secured it, or they would separate the boom and blow the rear hull. Special Delivery moved out, to use the access tubes to take the boom. After a quick scan of the area with a tricorder, they used photon grenades to clear the area and take control of the security station. A fast repair of the Aux Bridge and they had control of the Degradation. Sabri took the helm, while Resol took the weapons. Sanjay went to Engineering to coordinate, while Sgt. Maxwell lead subject races to secure the boom. The Excelsior reported an incoming Klingon F5, frigate. Sabri ordered the one charged disruptor and two phaser 2s to fire while the shield was reinforced. Violently maneuvering, the wounded D6 then conducted a High Energy Turn and fled the battle towards Starbase 7, striking with two more deep hits on the F5, crippling its drive systems. Soon, the Degradation was far from the battle, and able to engage strategic warp speeds.

The flight back was hard. Eventually, the warp drives failed, and Sanjay used the impulse drives for non-tactical warp jumps. Along the way, the weapons and combatants grew too hot to touch. The Organians had intervened in the war and stopped it. The Degradation limped back to Starbase 7 to a hero’s welcome. The Excelsior was already being repaired elsewhere and then redeploying to the other side of the Federation, near the Romulans. The Constellation would be taking Special Delivery back to their ship. The group had 2 weeks at Starbase 7.

3 XP

05 Hearth and Heart

We open with Special Delivery well away from the Excelsior back at Starbase 7. The Constellation is tasked to take the team across the Federation to meet up with The Excelsior now deploying to the other side of the Federation, along with Constellation and Enterprise.

Headed back to the core, Special Delivery is surprised at Rigal by their families and friends invited for an award ceremony. The team members are all awarded the highest award of the planet, the Medal of Hearth and Heart. They team has a week with families to visit and celebrate.

After this great time, the Constellation heads across the Federation. On route, the ship receives near simultaneous distress signals from Belloc III and the ship Wandering Child. With two Prime Teams on board, Commodore Decker chooses to send Special Delivery in the ship’s four shuttles to investigate Wandering Child.

With careful flying, the Sabri crashes his shuttle on board, and soon was able to get his team aboard, with the other shuttles trailing. Immediately, they found bodies of Andorians with their antennae ripped off. Exploring they ship, they find 2 living Siren bugs, but are able to kill them. Sanjay rigs their suits to off set the effects, much to Resol’s delight. Going deeper into the ship, they find the first Andorian alive, clearly insane. Easily stunning him, T’sara and Sanjay take below to engineering which they had secured.

Further exploring the ship, the crew finds an Orion trader, begging for help. Sanjay takes him down and secures him such that he cannot touch anything. Killing more bugs, Special Delivery rescues another Andorian, and manages to ferret out the other passenger, who is clearly a Romulan spy. Sabri takes his second ship command in as many months to Allen’s World, which had a Federation outpost. There they turn the ship and spy over to Federation Marshals. There they link up with Excelsior Cpt. Aarid with arm in sling, because he has beamed down with an away team, since they were short their Prime Team.


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