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The Wormwood is a three-masted sailing ship, 100 feet long from stem to stern, and 30 feet wide amidships. The ship needs a minimum crew of 20. If the crew falls below 20 people for any reason, the work becomes harder, and the DC of all checks for work-related tasks (see page 23) increases by +2.

Unless otherwise indicated, interior walls on the ship are of wood, 2 inches thick (hardness 5, hp 20, Break DC 20). Doors are of good wooden construction (hardness 5, hp 15, Break DC 18). Interior rooms are unlit during the day (except for those with windows or portholes), and usually have a single hooded lantern for light at night, providing either normal or dim light (open f lames are dangerous on a ship at sea). Many doors and chests are trapped to keep them off-limits to swabs and common sailors. The following traps may currently be found on the Wormwood (see individual encounter areas for the locations of these traps).


Size: Colossal ship
Squares3 (30 ft. by 100 ft.)
Cost10,000 gp


hp1,620 (sails 360)
Base Save+6


Maximum Speed 90 ft. (wind)
Acceleration30 ft.
Ramming Damage 8d8


Propulsionwind or current
Sailing CheckProfession (sailor)
Control Device steering wheel
Means of Propulsion 90 squares of sails (three masts)
Cargo/Passengers150 tons/120 passengers


This massive sailing ship has one to four masts (usually two or three) with either square or lateen sails. Often they have raised forecastles and sterncastles. Sailing ships are primarily used for ocean travel. Most merchant ships, and many military and pirate vessels are sailing ships of one type or another. Sailing ships come in a variety of different designs, including barques, brigantines, caravels, carracks, larger cogs, frigates, galleons, schooners, sloops, and xebecs. A sailing ship with four masts and outfitted with siege engines is often known as a man-o’-war.


Up to 20 Large direct-fire siege engines in banks of 10 positioned on the port and starboard sides of the ship, or up to six Huge direct-fire siege engines in banks of three on the port and starboard sides of the ship. These siege engines may only fire out the sides of the ship that they are positioned on and cannot fire toward the forward or aft sides of the ship.

In addition, up to two Large or one Huge direct-fire or indirect-fire siege engine may be positioned on both the forecastle and sterncastle of the ship. These siege engines can be swiveled to fire out the sides of the ship or either forward or aft, depending on their position

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