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Class and Character Information

Class Fighter
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Campaign Trait Otherlander Brawler



Race AgeEyesHair
Otherlander 22GreenBrown



Darix is from a far away island in the northwest sea, called Otherland. Her people, called Otherlanders, are the long decedents of dragons and humans. Darix grew up on the dangerous docks of one of the numerous ports or anchorages around Otherland. She quickly learned that fists often make a better point than fancy words, especially when used the right way. Darix has always preferred action to talk, anyway.

Her ship was blown off course and Darix found herself in the Shackles at Port Peril. This was her kind of town. While drinking at a tavern called the Formidably Maid, Darix got into a brawl with some of the other patrons. She handled herself well, but a group of rough-looking characters ganged up on her and overwhelmed her, knocking the Outlander unconscious. Fortunately, while they took her other weapons and equipment, they could not take her dangerous tail..

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
HarvixFatherGoodAlive but far away
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