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Sauvrog is an ancient god who predates the creation of Golarian. According to its followers, Sauvrog is the last its kind, a refugee from another star. Its people were destroyed by the foul, chaotic beings that are between the stars. They claim that Sauvrog has hunted those killers, and already saved Golarian from creatures far worse than Rovagug. The aboleths fell to Golarian and hide in the depths in fear of Savrog's wrath.

Most of Golarian has not heard of the ancient Sauvrog. Its legacy is kept alive in a small group of Clerics and Inquisitors who move about the world in search of any aberration and demons that threaten to destroy the world. They are always on the lookout for anything linked to the blackness between the stars. Their order survived the fall of the Azlanti. The have no temple or primary dwelling, but instead they recruit followers as they go. The holy symbol for each member of the order allows messages to be sent to fellow members. Higher level members can actually engage in mental communications.

Sauvrog itself is said to appear as both sexes, male and female, joined at the back, with four legs and four arms. It carries two crooked wands that emit deadly rays of non-magical light that bypass most resistances. It wears a belt that projects a shield of force. Sauvrog is a powerful psionic, and can turn the will of almost any mind. It is a silent, almost never talking, grim crusader. Most of the order refer to it as “The Griever”.

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