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Tumani Tor

Class and Character Informaton

Class Cleric
AlignmentNeutral Good
Campaign Trait Devotee of the Old Gods



Race AgeEthnicityEyes
Human21GarundiBrownBlack- Shaves Bald


Tumani is 21 but looks closer to 30 in his weathered face. He can have both a stern and kind look depending on the situation. Tumani often has a far away look in his eyes, not the 1000 yard stare, but as if he is seeing something else.


Tumani was born the third son of farmers Aufaa and Ta-hemi Tor. Theirs was a hard life, and normally another son would be a welcome addition to the family. However, Tumani was different from the start. Tumani was born with a birthmark that looked like the crossed crook and flail of Osiris. This was deeply moving to his parents, who like many folk in the outlands of Osirion, followed the old gods. Their midwife brought the boy to the attention of a church, and when he turned 7, Tumani was granted an education by the Church and the family was compensated.

Tumani always seemed closer to the gods than the other children. He would have dreams and visions. These were encouraged by his mentor, Rathos Tumentu-af, cleric of Osiris. Tumani would visit his family, and the growing number of siblings his parents had, but always he felt more and more distant from them as farmers. When his parents died of illness when he was 17, and his older brother Tseshortsa became head of the family. By now, both his older brothers were married, and Tseshortsa had children of his own. While the family was far more prosperous than it was when he was a child, his path did not follow theirs. Further cutting ties from home, the night after the death of Tumentu-af, Tumani had a dream directing him to the south, to the city of Wati. There he would meet the holy warrior Kepher and investigate the necropolis. Having always followed these dreams, Tumani headed out after the funeral of his mentor. His destiny lay away from his homeland.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
TseshortsaBrotherNeutralAge 28
BomaniBrotherNeutralAge 24
OubastetBrotherNeutralAge 19
ArpaesisBrotherNeutralAge 18
SahuraBrotherNeutralAge 17
AmunetSisterNeutralAge 15
ResephBrotherNeutralAge 13
AufaaFatherDeadDied at Age 44
Ta-hemiMotherDeadDied at Age 40
Rathos Tumentu-afMentorDeadDied this year
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