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Vern Rome

Class and Character Information

Class Eldritch Knight/ Wizard/ Fighter
Level 5/5/1
Alignment Neutral
Campaign Trait None
Position in KingdomMagister
Position TitleMagister
Peerage Duke of Varnhold



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair
HumanCharacter Ages TableBrevoyBlueBrown


Vern is a strongly muscled man nearing middled aged but clearly in top shape. His appearnce is average, but the intensitiy of his blue eyes is anything but.


Vern came as part of the original crew investigating the Noman areas. He settled in Varnhold, but was still restless. He traveled with the sojourner Taalen Hightop to the neighboring Kingdom of Thylicia and its Capitol, Stagfell. While there he heard of his new home dropping all communicaitons and enlisted the help of the Founders in investigation.

Adventuring History

Vern joined the team to explore the fate of Varnhold and defeat the Lich. He accepted Ayrn's offer to become the Duke of Varnhold and helped oversee the restoration of that city and the surrounding lands. Vern also became the new Magister, when Barry Stroud stepped into the Chancellor of the Exchequer role. He continues to put himself in the front line, often almost dying in order to defend his Kingdom against its enemies.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
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