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Class and Character Informaton

Class Paladin, Devine Defender
Level 11
AlignmentLawful Good
Campaign Trait Noble Born (Garess)
Position in KingdomGeneral
Position TitleGeneral
PeerageDuke of Coppertree



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair
DwarfCharacter Ages TableDwarfBrownBlack


Grundaur is a presence where ever he goes. Both Paladin of Torag and Dwarf, he speaks his mind and is too the point.


Born into the Dwarven clans, Grunduar is the son of Ayrn's former best friend and now holds that spot. He has always had license to tease Ayrn, even in his new exalted position. Grunduar road with Aryn to sign up for the mission into the Greensward

Adventuring History

“Grunduar is a founder, as was there at the beginning, but he spent some time away on a quest for his order. Upon his return, he found the Kingdom growing quickly. While he is a Paladin, he is a loyal servant to the Kingdom, and a able General. He personally oversaw the development of the military academy and addresses the graduating classes. His greatest gripe is that he did not get to personally defeat the Lich!

It was Grunduar's personal intervention with the Lizardfolk who turned them against the evil will-o-wisp. This earned him the loyalty of Hargrood, one of their great fighters. ”

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
HargroodKingdom Warden, CohortGoodAlso liaison to Thane

Diving Defender Bond Powers

Divine Defender

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