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Caleb Tillinghast

aka: The Horribly Cliché Emo Character Backstory of Clichéness.

Winter storms are harsh on the Lake of Mists and Veils. Caleb Tillinghast was found in a wreck of one such storm off the coast of Port Ice. Near dead, the 5yr old child's only possessions where the clothes on his back. They found his name stitched on the inside of his shirt. He did not appear to have any memory of who his parents were and was placed in the care of an orphanage. He needed some schooling due to the fact the only language he spoke at the time caused some people's hair to stand on end.

Things went well at the orphanage until the elderly couple running the place passed away when Caleb was 14. The woman who took over for them did not care for the meager stipend she got and soon started making the orphans steal for their meals and to supplement her income. For two years he took the abuse and the degradations until something inside him woke up.

It was a bad night, the ones sent out to be pickpockets didn’t get much and the crew sent to break into a house got caught. As usual, blame and beatings were dispensed arbitrarily and he had enough. Through the fog of rage and pain, Caleb connected with something primal in his soul and his tainted blood answered. His tormentor died screaming, an acid etched mass of putrescence on the floor her grave. While most of the other orphans were relieved to be free of the harridan that made them live a life of crime, they still looked upon him with shock and horror. Panicked and confused he fled into the night.

For the next few years Caleb traveled inland, all the while learning more about his abilities and trying to find his place in the world. The larger cities in the Brevoy interior promised more anonymity. Unfortunately he lacked the sort of skills to make a living so he fell into the same old practices with the same sort of people. While most of the people he met where a lot better than the lot he fled from, he still hated the criminal profession and always…

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