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Subtle Mask

SLOT EyesCL 11thWEIGHT 1 lbs. AURA strong Abjuration/Transmutation

Fashioned to surround the wearer’s eyes and cover the forehead and cheekbones, this mask is made of porcelain inset with blue and green gems and decorated with golden filigree. When donned, the mask seems to disappear, leaving its golden patterns as tattoos on the wearer’s face and coloring one of the wearer’s eyes green and the other blue. The wearer can remove the mask normally, causing it to appear as a porcelain mask once again. The wearer gains a +2 competence bonus on Sense Motive checks and can use comprehend languages once per day and Immunity to Gaze Attacks

First Triumph: The wearer can mentally activate the mask as a swift action while conversing with someone or observing a conversation to use detect thoughts (DC = 17 + 1 per additional triumph attained) on a single participant in the conversation. This requires spending the normal number of rounds to detect surface thoughts and can be used for a total of 9 rounds per day. These rounds don’t need to be consecutive. The Mask can also Mimic any other Mask as a free action.

Second Triumph: The mask grants the wearer a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma. When the wearer mentally activates the mask, she also detects magical effects as if she were using arcane sight and concentrating on the creature. This happens automatically during the first round of concentration. The Mask grants the wearer +4 to Sense Motive checks

Third Triumph: The mask’s enhancement bonus to Charisma is +4, +5 Sense Motive Checks, Comprehend Languages at will

Fourth Triumph: The mask’s enhancement bonus to Charisma is +6, When the wearer mentally activates the mask, she also detects whether the target is lying throughout the concentration, as per discern lies (DC 22+1 per Triumph). Once per day, the wearer can speak a command word to use true seeing.

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