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Scipio's Coat

SLOT none CL 17thWEIGHT 2 lbs. AURA strong Conjuration/Abjuration

500 Years ago, Dhelkim Izo Scipio may rose higher in Talden society than any other of his kind, before or sense. Quite the remarkable feat for a half-orc. Scipio was a gifted summoner in bondage to the then minor Lotheed family. Prizing magic, the then Lotheeds of the day accepted him as part of the household, freeing him from bondage. His legacy helped to build the family, but he was all but removed from history by Duke Panivar Lotheed, 300 years ago. Scipio was a Talden patriot, and his Coat has lost power being kept away from the light. Worn again in the service of the Empire it will grow in power.

The Coat appears as a black coat with faded symbols of silver thread woven into the fabrics.

The Coat offers +2 Armor, +1 2nd Level Spell known Once per day the summoner can summon his eidolon as a standard action.

First Triumph: The Coat +3 Armor, +1 3rd Level Spell Known.

Second Triumph: +2 Charisma, Planar Adaptation: Wearer automatically can exist on conditions of Plane, +4 Armor, +1 4th Level Spell Known

Third Triumph: +4 Charisma, +5 Armor, +1 5th Level Spell Known

Fourth Triumph: +6 Charisma, +6 Armor, Maze 1 x Day (DC 22 +1 Per Triumph)

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