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Ovetrian’s Plate

SLOT armor CL 15th WEIGHT 50 lbs. AURA strong enchantment

This storied suit of +3 rallyingUE full plate was worn by General Ovetrian over the course of many conquests. It was recorded that General Ovetrian wore this armor when he was a part of the Fifth Army of Exploration, where he led a group into the River Kingdoms and places east. Plated in platinum with a slight wave pattern, the armor’s surface bears a resemblance to white fur. The armor’s visor is fashioned to look like a male lion’s maned head, and it is hinged so it can be either worn up or pulled down to protect the face. Stories of the general’s battles claim that entire lines of soldiers fled from the general when he rode into battle.

Once every 10 minutes, the armor’s wearer can slam the helm’s visor shut as a standard action, exposing the lion’shead design. When he does, he can attempt to demoralize all enemies within 30 feet, and he gains a competence bonus on his Intimidate check equal to the armor’s enhancement bonus to AC. Once per day, instead of attempting to demoralize enemies, he can take this action to afflict all creatures within 30 feet with fear (DC = 20 + 1 per additional triumph attained).

First Triumph: Ovetrian’s Plate is +4 rallyingUE full plate. A creature demoralized by the armor’s ability is frightened for the first round of the effect’s duration and is then shaken as normal for the rest of the duration (if any). Three times per day, the wearer of the armor can touch an adjacent ally as a standard action to affect that ally with either break enchantment or greater heroism. This ability can’t be used more than once every 10 minutes.

Second Triumph: Ovetrian’s Plate is +5 rallyingUE full plate. When the wearer uses the armor’s ability to demoralize enemies, he gains a morale bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls equal to the number of creatures that were demoralized. He also gains damage reduction of the same amount, which can’t be overcome. These effects last for 1 round, but if the wearer successfully hits a foe suffering from a fear effect, the duration is extended by 1 round.

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