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Envoy Ring

SLOT: Ring CL 11thWEIGHT AURA Moderate Enchantment

This golden ring appears pristine on the outside, but the inside shows centuries of wear, leaving the inner band perpetually polished to a lighter hue than that of the ring’s outer surfaces. The family crest adorns the front, depicting olive branches encircling two crowns, seemingly indicating a house dedicated to ambassadorship and diplomacy. This is the now extinct Legatus family, famed ambassadors over 300 years ago, until the family was attacked and killed by the Stavian Family.

The ring grants its wearer a +2 competence bonus on Diplomacy, Linguistics, and Perform checks. Once per day, the wearer can speak a command word to transform her appearance and clothing, as per disguise self. The appearance of her clothing automatically matches the customs of the dominant culture around her, typically that of the local nobility or ruling class. Her physical features don’t match those of the local people but features that would make her stand out—such as elf ears in a settlement where no elves live—diminish. This lasts up to 24 hours but can be dismissed at any time. The caster level of any spell effect generated by the ring is 1 + 2 per triumph attained.

First Triumph: The ring can be activated to use charm person (DC = 15 + 1 per additional triumph attained) and comprehend languages, each once per day.

Second Triumph: The ring’s competence bonus on Diplomacy, Linguistics, and Perform check is +3. When the wearer activates the ring’s disguise, she can read, speak, and understand the most common language in the area that she doesn’t already know for as long as the duration persists. Disguise Self as spell with or without local effects x3 Day

Third Triumph: The wearer can activate the ring to use charm person at will (DC 19 +1 per triumph), though if a creature succeeds at its save, it can’t be targeted again for 24 hours. The ring can also be activated to use charm monster (DC = 20 + 1 per additional triumph attained) once per day.

Fourth Triumph: The ring’s competence bonus on Diplomacy, Linguistics, and Perform checks is +5. Disguise Self at Will, The Ring adds +2 DC to any Enchantment spells cast by the wearer

Fifth Triumph: The wearer can use mass suggestion (DC 24) once per day, Mind Blank (Self Only)

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