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Major Non Player Characters

These Non Player Characters are shown, mostly as they are first introduced to the player characters, but they may be put into other groups if hey were mostly used in a period further in the future.


NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
Berline HaldoliBlood LordEmployerAllUnknown
Arghun The AnnihilatorUndead HandMajordomo Kellok ManorAllHelpful
SharageMsChief Cook, Head of ReaversAllHelpful
FentonMrStaff, Gang MemberAllHelpful
ZarkenMrStaff, Gang MemberAllHelpful
WaygahuMrBaker of Waygahu BreadsAllFriendly


NameTitle/AddressNotesPlayer Character(s) RelatedRelationship
KepgedaThe Hag NailedDaughter Iron TaviahAllEnemy
Iron Taviah?Graveclaw CovenAllEnemy
Anatalla MsIron Taviah's ServantAll?
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