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Sebastian d'Cross

Class and Character Information

Class Investigator
Alignment Chaotic Evil
BackgroundField Medic





Clean cut half-elf with an air of menace to his look.


Sebastian d’Cross

Sebastian was born in Mechitar, the capital of Geb, into a small ghoul dominated family. While growing up, the child who would steal the name Sebastian worked in the house kitchen. He assisted in the butchering and preparation of corpses for the ghouls lords of the house. Sebastian never knew who his father was, and his mother disappeared early in his life. While no one ever told him, Sebastian is convinced he was put to work preparing her body, but to this day, he has no evidence for certain.

The loss of his mother showed Sebastian needed to take control of his life or he’d end up on the butchering table. At night and any time he could steal for himself, Sebastian learned and planned. He took any job, with any of the support staff, looking for an advantage. His great chance came with one of the young scions of the house. The teen, the true Sebastian, was being trained to be useful. He became part of the training and absorbed everything. Both what was being taught and who Sebastian was and was becoming. He knew the family would try to find a missing house thrall, but they’d never search one of their own.

When the Blood Lord Berlin Haldoli called in a favor to deal with issues in her town, Sebastian was sent to redeem that favor. Just outside the town, he caught Sebastian, killed him, and the new Sebastian reported to Lord Berlin.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
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