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San Andres Stories

Roy Finn AKA Seenar


The flight into Los Santos gave Roy Finn some time to think. A lifetime of struggle to make it within the system lay in ruins behind him. Before him was going to be a new life working outside the corrupt system that had destroyed the life he sought to build. Roy was done playing by their rules, and now was going to make his own.

Roy was born to a poor family in Minnesota, who did not have much means. He managed to excel at school, and land scholarships, graduating in the top of his class from ULSA. From there he landed a great job in Silicon Valley. Despite the challenges arrayed against him, Roy was on his way.

It was while working on securing files he discovered his downfall. Merryweather was apparently stealing customer data. Roy reported this breach, and instead of a reward, he was told to ignore it, and was promptly reassigned. Roy was no fool, and it was clear his days at the company were limited. Acting that night, Roy used his personal contacts to gain physical access to company servers and plant relays.

Sure enough, within days, Sean, the blond-haired lady from sales, was making #MeToo accusations against Roy. He was fired that same day, with “proof” provided by none other than Merryweather “investigators”. Roy was without a job, and his paid for condo.

Roy had been ready, and his former employer would find tens of million dollars missing, bounced around the world. Roy made sure his family back home was secure, including hired guns to protect them. Roy himself was making for Los Santos, home of Maze Bank, where his personal funds were hidden. Roy’s plan was simple: Open a Security Company, Future Forward, and use it to launder money. It already had several high end overseas clients, all secret, all fictitious, thanks to his international dark web contacts.

Roy knew when he landed, he would be meeting a local contact, who was a small part of the underworld. Not so big as to attract attention. Frankly, he sounded full of himself, but Roy could play the game. Best to say as little as possible until he got the lay of the land. Until he could close the deal for this Maze Bank office, and find a place to crash, the Opium Nights Hotel would be home.

Setting up Shop

Once he got his feet under him, Roy set up Future Forward, and created the real Organization, EliteOptions. Future Forward is a data security company, dealing with off site customers. Most of its clients are out of the country, and most of them are made up entities. It has one or two local, very important clients, including the current DA, who pays to keep his data secure, especially the items “RedRoy” hacked from his machine. That provides cover as long the police don’t manage to catch him red handed.

EliteOptions, was set up as the true operation. Roy assembled a group of support personnel and started recruitment of the actual operators. EliteOptions was set up to take payment for jobs serving those needing special things done in Los Santos.  


Roy’s first recruit was “Karusa”, a “refugee” from the Yakaza sent East to Los Santos. As “Seenar” Roy knew Karusa through his dark web contacts and felt he would be the perfect man to help develop EliteOptions. Roy had Karusa meet Lamar at the airport to get him connected to the city’s underworld. He was sure he was never going to hear the end of that. Karusa was a fast study on the ways of Los Santos and proved adapt at meeting customers for EliteOptions. Karusa is a skilled plane pilot.

Second up was “Rintell”, a transfer from the Pacific Northwest. Rintell was seeking to make her way in Los Santos leaving her survivalist father behind. Rintell is much like the group’s kid sister. She is loved and participates, seeking to keep up with her older “brothers”.

Speaking of older brothers, “Bard the Bowman”, in fact is Roy’s real older brother, who was already in Los Santos. Bard actually saw Roy blow by in a car and follow up. Already and expert driver, Bard fast became the driver for the team.


You never quite know how a new job is going to pan out. It was reasonable then, that Lisa Fowler had some significant apprehension about this new job with Future Forward. Her soon to be boss had interviewed her first remotely, and then at a hotel near the airport in a rented conference room. He explained he did not have his office set up yet. That was an understatement. Future Forward was all virtual all the time. Mr. Flynn hired her and had her go get the space and have the office set up. That was six weeks ago. Her communications had all been through her work cell, which arrived at her apartment through a private courier.

Still, the pay was good, over $180k, with the future possibility of stock options. Today, Mr. Flynn was coming to his office in person. He had already had clothes delivered for the private suite, and firearms and ammo for the hidden gun safe. Lisa knew that this was not going to be an ordinary job. That was fine with her.

Lisa was 26 and frustrated with her career. Two degrees, both in finance, one an MBA, had not yet led to the sort of job she was seeking. The startup she joined folded 6 months ago, taking her long-range plans with it. That included her then fiancée who decided marriage could no longer be in the cards with neither of them working. So much for thick and thin. Being part of the disaster that was her last company did not help her find a job in Los Santos. She was looking to leave the city altogether when this offer showed up in her email. Lisa almost did not respond, but she filled out the questionnaire leading to her first and second interviews. Based on Mr. Flynn’s response, she was just the sort he was looking for. She had an offer the day after her second interview, in the form of said courier and phone. Lisa was honest enough with herself to admit she found the secrecy and security exciting. This was going to be interesting. She had already follow up on a link to Securo-Serv to source cars for sell, and warehouses to source special goods that she felt sure Mr. Flynn would be interested in. He seemed that sort of man.

It was clear it was going to be a ride.


The vacation had been great. Roy and Lisa had flow to Baja. Roy had insisted they use Fort Zancodo for departure and return. Lisa had prearranged a Helicopter to fly them back to the office. On a whim, Roy asked the pilot to set down at his apartment. Moments after they walked away, the helicopter exploded.

Roy hustled the shocked Lisa into the garage. He took a stored Baller, and telling Lisa to keep her head down, they raced to the Facility in the Senora Desert. Once she was safely there, Roy put out an alert to Elite Options from secure communications. His next move was to dye his hair and shave. Taking some clothes from a second-hand store.

Now he is seeking to find out who is targeting him, while letting his this phantom enemy think he is dead or missing.

On the Trail

After getting Lisa safe, Roy linked up with Karusa to investigate the attack. Karusa suggested he contact Madrazo to start the search. Madrazo was more than willing to help, provided the two helped him. It seemed a drug ring was shipping some important cargo via two dingys to a ship at sea. Roy and Karusa could hit their docks, maybe find some information needed, and bring the boats back. The two reluctantly agreed.

The hit went south from the beginning, with no stealth at all. The two blasted their way into the facility and made it to the files but were swarmed as they left. Kaursa took a hit, mid chest in his body armor and was knocked into the harbor, where he swam to saftey. Roy managed to make it to one boat and to the rendezvous. However, to get the files analyzed, the deal was both boats. Using his cargo bob, Roy slipped back and took the gang by surprise, lifting the boat away from them.

Based on the files, it was clear the person they needed to talk too was the local leader of the gang. Thanks to the information, Madrazo was able to leak his location to the FIB, and the two hit the farm the FIB was holding “El Stupido” for transport. As they took him to Grapeseed for his escape, he was able to pass to them vital information about what happened. The gang was used as a pass through, with a woman at Pegasus Concierge who was also a user of their Cocaine. She had done work for them before. This was a paid contract. The lead led to a local business, one that was obviously a front. Roy and Karusa wondered if any high-end businesses in Los Santos were legit.

Roy contacted Lester, who gave them the scoop on the business. The two choose a stealth approach and took Roy’s Akula to the site. Roy climbed to snip from a roof, while Karusa came up to confront the group. After a fire fight, Karusa took the helo on the roof to escape, while Roy, returning to his Akula, followed, shooting the pursing helos from the sky.

The information from this led to who the clear backer was: Merryweather. Lester worked with contacts to find out the who. In the meantime, he asked the two to recover two SUVs controlled by Merryweather used in a recent mission. This was his payment for his help. Lester was able to name the individual who ordered the hit, Alvin Lloyd. Now it was time for Roy to clean up.

First was the Pegasus Concierge worker, Marsha Crow, who placed the bomb. Finding her was easy and dealing with her on the road was Roy’s next step.

Now, Roy asked his crew to help him close in. Roy washed his hair and announced his return. Alvin Lloyd was looking to flee Los Santos, now it was clear that “Seenar” had returned. Lloyd first hid at the Merryweather facility at the docs. Fleeing the EliteOptions attack there, the team chased him to LSIA, and stopped his flight out, rather forcefully.

Elite Options


Vincent exited the elevators the top of Maze Bank. He walked into FutureForward offices spoke to the sexy young woman behind the desk. “I have an appointment at 9 to see Mr. Flynn.”

“Yes, Sir”, I have you on the schedule. Mr. Flynn and Mr. Flynn will be with you shortly. Please have a seat.”

Vincent waited in the small lobby. The young woman took a call. Vincent was not trying to listen in, but it grew heated, and the last thing he heard was the woman saying

“Yeah yeah, that sounds great. I'll believe it when I see it. Call me when you've got results!” Vincent thought she sounded much like Ms. Baker when frustrated.

After a couple of minutes Roy walked out to meet him. “Vincent, I'm so glad you agreed to hear us out.”

Vincent back to the conference room was already waiting. Vincent already had worked with both men in defending the casino. Charles stood taller than Roy, with lighter colored hair and more transparent eyes. Roy has a classic red hair, cut in the same style. It was obvious the two were related, but it was easier to see with them in sports coats and slacks, as opposed to heavy leather jackets and body armor.

“Good to see you again,” said Charles, rising and shaking Vincent's hand. “Please have a seat.”

The three men set down and Roy laid out his plan.

“Vincent, I suppose it's obvious got a lot more is going on than just the operations of future forward. My brother and I don't agree with the way you were treated. We think a man of your talents would fit in well with Elite Options. Elite Options is an organization that specializes in extralegal problem solving. It was Elite Options that was able to save the casino and, in fact, we've already done some additional work for Ms. Baker.”

“I am not looking to become entangled and more situations involving gunplay,” Vincent said with a small frown.

Nodding Charles moved to put Vincent at ease, “We understand. What we need is your expertise in organizing security for various locations. We don't need someone else to shoot. We have enough people for that.”

Roy grinned, “Let me explain the details. FutureForward is an IT security consulting firm. We have clients all over the world. This include some clients it is very difficult for the IRS to prove don't exist. It is one of several legitimate companies owned by the core members of Elite Options. It, and other companies and clubs, such as Road Dogs and Iron Angles, have facilities which need protecting. They have all have various issues with raids by other organizations. We need a man well versed in physical security to compliment the IT side. My brother and I think that man is you.”

“You want me to administrate your security for your various operations for this Elite Options?”

“Yes, though officially, you will be working for FutureForward as a physical security expert. You will have a nice normal W2 job, with a steady salary, and of course, bonus pay for services rendered to specific clients. Especially those overseas ones. They are needy, if you know what I mean.” Roy Grinned

“Elite Options itself can pay you directly, in cryptocurrency. We will help you set that up. If you would like to review the terms, this is a simple contract for the job with FutureForward. I can guarantee that you actual annual salary will be three times that, but obviously, that is not the sort of thing one puts into writing.”

Charles slid a folder to Vincent. “We will provide you with a car for work. Los Santos can be dangerous to drive in. This one will be reinforced and much safer, not to mention more fun to drive. You can pick one of the models listed.”

“To avoid any unnecessary prevarication, a compensation package this delicious is usually delivered with a Faustian bargain. Is that where the ‘extralegal’, items come in?” Vincent asked.

Roy and Charles glanced at each other. Roy leaned forward

“Vincent, I did not start out to be a criminal. The system screwed me because I was inconvenient. This is not the life I expected, but I am making of it what I can. I have been able to hurt the people who screwed me over while building a life of luxury. That is what I am offering you, a chance to move to a new level. Yes, it will involve protecting things operating outside of the law. You have already crossed that line. We won’t ask you to assassinate or assault anyone. You just have to help us protect our assets and the assets of others. ”

“And what if I reject this unexpected opportunity? Are you not concerned I will abscond with this information and take it to the authorities?”

Roy made a weak smile and chuckled, “No, because we have already shed sweat and blood together on the battlefield. You are not that sort of man. We would not have had you here otherwise. I can also say that after our first incident, I hacked the security at the Diamond, and I have recordings of all of Elite Options', and your, actions there secured. The new security staff has not even figured out they don’t have it anymore. That information is one of my many security back-ups Elite Options has for various people. But, I don’t need it with you.”

“If you don’t take the job, that is fine. You can walk away and get a job parking cars. If you do take it, Lisa, who you met up front, will process your paperwork. FutureForward controls this whole floor, and you will have an office in the office suite down the hall. Of course, I will provide you with encrypted work USB Drives, and a secure phone. The IT side of things is my specialty.”

“This is most generous offer. I would like to contemplate it and return my answer to you,” Vincent said closing the folder.

“Take a couple of days. Call the office and let us know,” Roy said standing, which trigged the others to stand. Everyone shook hands, and Charles said, “I’ll walk you out.”

As they walked to the elevator, Charles said, “Let me add one more think. I was already in Los Santos when Roy came here. Had he not made the choice to start over here, I would not have linked back up with my brother. Things happen for a reason, Vincent.”

Two days later, Vincent drove out of Maze Bank in his new Albany Cavalcade.

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