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Primary Religion

Knights Nathar

Order of St. Anne

False Gods, Demons, and Hells

The Primary religion in West Auster, is Xiotionism, a religion that in form is very similar to Christianity. Inoc Xiot was staked to the ground to die during the reign of the second Emperor of Keld, and the Xiotions hold the same beliefs as do Christians. At present, Xiotionism is not fully unified. There has been an equivalent of the Nicene Council in Keld and there is a Pope who holds a seat in Keld. There are still a mixture of orders and churches. Orders tend to be independent, while churches tend to be part of the larger structure of the Xiothic Church.

The heart of Xiotionism is the Xiothic Church, who ‘s seat is in Keld. It is headed by the Vizier who is elected for life by a council of Cardinals. These have assigned areas and appoint various Bishops and so on, quite similar to the real Catholic Church. One outstanding difference between the real Catholic Church and Xiothic Church is that women are allowed to enter the Priesthood, and in fact they make up 30% of the Clergy (closer to 50% in Scrimption).

In Kith Dalton, local churches elect their own Priests, who are then approved by the local Bishops. Due to the distance from Keld, the Holy Throne is less able to impose its chosen political structure. The current Bishop of Kith Dalton (and her predecessors) is certainly more inclined to listen to the people than to the voice from Keld. This does not imply, however, that the doctrine and mandates of Keld are ignored, though they may be interpreted differently in Kith Dalton than in Effay.

The Xiotion orders tend to fall into marshal organizations and ascetic


The religious beliefs of the elves date back to the Times of Legend, before the coming of Inoc Xiot. Their religion mirrors the monotheistic faith of the Times of Legend. They do not dispute the claims of the Xiotions, but feel they have their own, older covenant with the Creator as given to them in the far past. Considering for some Elves, only a few generations stand between them and the end of the Times of Legend, this makes pretty good sense. Yawism, has its own holidays and traditions, but uses the same calendar as Xiotionism, and there is a good deal of overlap of times between the two. While Elves are often persecuted for their Yawism on the continent, within Kith Dalton, it is a respected way of life, and even has some adherents among other races.


According to the elves, during the Times of Legend magic infused the land, and angels (said to be humans ascended to a higher form) walked visible on the Earth. As time passed, they would take different forms, often of those animals that humans felt best characterized their personalities and characteristics. After the Fall, angels became hidden, but continued to influence events unseen. The elves believe that is these angels who have given rise to Totemism of animals. Certainly, there are humans who worship animal spirits as part of a general animistic faith, but the true Totemists are actually Yawist in their beliefs. Understanding that the totem spirits are not gods, the Totemists worship the one Creator, but who also give honor to the totem spirits, in exchange for power. In effect, they treat the totem spirits in a manner usually given to saints of the Xiotion Church.

Unfortunately, Totemism is seen as primitive witchcraft by most people, and its practitioners are shunned and driven out of comminutes. The people of Brythland and Eurwen will even go as far as to kill “witches” that they capture, Scrimption forbids the killing of Totemists, but will not allow them any power. Aycelynn is accepting of the Totemists, seeing them more a sect of Yawism

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