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Magic in West Auster

Using magic requires some innate talent, that most people do not have. It is said that when magic was reduced after the Fall, that people grew away from magic, and when it returned, not all could use it. Certainly most charms and spells used by everyday persons have no real effects. Icons can become magical over time, through cumulative absorption, as can other objects, though this is often accidental.

Hedge Mages

Most magic practiced comes from hedge wizards who have some small talent but no training. They have learned to use magic in idiomatic way, either of their own accord, or by some other hedge mage’s efforts at teaching. Usually, hedge mages know one or two real spells, and have other tricks that amaze peasants, but are not magic. Many people know charms and use them, but often they have no real effect. Often, charms can be traced back to real spells or components to spells, but with corrupted knowledge.


Real wizards and mages are those both with talent and training. Across West Auster, there are several schools dedicated to the education of adepts. Usually, these take students in their 10th-12th year (or equivalent for another race) and train them for several years, usually followed by an apprenticeship.


In Brythland, the chief training of magic takes place in the University of Bridgeford. Bridgeford is located to the north of Camden, along the Thyme River. Here several magical colleges are taught at the five Houses, each with its own independent campus. The entire grounds are protected by a large wall, as well as an entire side along the Thyme River.

Bridgeford endeavors to train its students fully, and to present students needed limited apprenticeships. To this end, it starts with students at 12 (or equivalent) and trains them for 8 years).

Wakcliffe College

St. Ruth’s College

Elemental Magic, Air

Sense and Exploration

Elemental Magic, Water

Healing and Restoration

Weather Magic

Photomancy (light mages)

Sea Master

College of Empathy

Dream Magic

Gladham Hall

Elemental Magic, Earth


Metal Magic






Trinity College

Elemental Magic, Fire




Aycelynn is home to Maynooth, secreted in the heart of the great forest on the island. Maynooth provides training to students leaning natural magic. Maynooth recruits students early in their lives through its scouts, who find children with talent and a predisposition towards animal and plant magic. Use a combined (Animal Power and Plant Magic)

Mage Hall

Mage Hall is deep within the mountains of Scrimption. Run entirely by dwarves, Mage Hall is dedicated to furthering the natural skills of dwarves, and teaching the arts of Earth Elemental and Metal Magic.

Other Magic Styles

There are other colleges in other lands, some of which teach different styles that listed above. There are also some individual wizards or small groups that use different styles, with varying degrees of openness. While most small styles are considered other branches of magic, there are a few that are considered dangerous and their practice is either shunned or banned outright.

Fellowship of the Crystal Flame

Totem Magic

Totem Magic is usually called witchcraft and is banned with various degrees of force. Ironically, most uses of this magic are not recognized for what they are, since misinformation abounds (repeated use of the magic changes gives the user permanent animal features, they have to use a caldron or a wand, etc.). The power most associated with Totem Magic is correct, however, and that is transformation into a totem form. Totem forms give the user the power of the totem spirit. While this is not detectable to most people, to one with magical senses, it is quite clear there is a transformation going on. The most powerful practitioners, can also assume a half-man, half-beast form, usually that is quite powerful in combat. This form is most associated with Totem Magic.


Necromancy is the magic of death. Understandably, most people do not like Necromancy, and its practice is banned outright in Kith Dalton. Necromancers are not necessarily evil, however, the temptations and power of Necromancy attracts mostly unsavory adepts.


The art of summoning demons, including the unleashed. Bad mojo. Death is the sentence for this across West Auster.


Mental magic is greatly feared by most persons, mages and others alike. The Elves most strongly look down on mental magic, despite their natural immunity to it. Mental magic is practiced by a few, who pass down their knowledge to one or two students in their lifetimes, which are often considerable. (Advanced mentalists can effect the process of aging through will over their bodies very cells).

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