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The smallest island, Eurwen is populated by the hardy halflings. Long suffering under the depredations of barbarians like those in Aycelynn, the halflings sent pleas for help to the Brythdor, son of Brythor for help. Brythdor lead his army in a campaign to drive out the barbarians that ended up lasting three generations for the new Kingdom. When the isle was at least freed, the halflings swore allegiance to the throne of Brythdor. While they have they have their own ruler (an elected Mayor), and under the terms of their allegiance make their own laws, the halflings of Eurwen leave most important decision making to the King and Council in Brythland. Indeed, they often laugh as the other people refer to the “Four Kingdoms” as they hardly feel they are their own Kingdom. “We don’t even have a King”. Law is kept by elected Sheriffs in each town, village or city, and local laws are passed by local councils of elders, also mostly elected.

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