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According to legend, all the races of the world were once beings of light that lived in harmony with the world and each other. This provoked the jealousy of some outside the world, who were only able to creep into the thoughts of men and corrupted some, and thus came the fall.

Fallen Men, looked much like humans of today, but with much longer lives, and much greater mastery of magic. Over time, the other races cleaved apart, gaining separate languages, skins, bodies, and talents. Humans, closest to the original form, have the greatest variation of skin, hair and eyes, but the other races of Man have their own distinct features and talents.

Major Races


Humans are like they are in our world. The majority of humans in the remains of the Kelden Empire are what we would call “white, with Mediterranean features. Citizens from the south tend to be more tan from sunlight. Raiders from the Northenese have dark black skin, and tight curly hair on top of what we would consider Nordic facial features.

Scrimton Humans

3 +3 Strength (+3 to maximum)

3 Bump of direction (not a typo, but intended to be the full thing)


Elves are the first race to cleave from humans, and they are the only one that were created on purpose by Man. Elves were once wild talents, blessed and cursed with natural mental magic. They could easily see into the thoughts of others, and even influence them. While most were honorable, they were understandably feared by many. The high wizards of the First Age solution to the problem was to work with the wild talents to weave a great spell of transformation. Through this spell, they became elves, trading their mental powers for immunity from aging, disease, and with perfect healing, as well as continued resistance to mental magic. Of all the races of Man, only the Elves naturally resist the effects of the Unleashed.


5, 5 LS: Immune to Aging, Immune to Disease

5 Mental Defense

+3 Intelligence (+3 to Maximum) +2 to Ego (+2 to Maximum) 6 1 Body/Hour Regeneration (may be bought up at +1 body/hour for 4 points each body, up to a maximum of 3 body/hour)


23 Total Cost


The Dwarfs are an old race of Man, who date back to the time of the First Age. Some humans had an affinity for stonework and metalwork. They concentrated their magic in these directions, spending more and more time underground and in forges. Over time, they lost other magical abilities, but gained an inherent ability to work the materials of the earth. Today, Dwarfs are renowned for their construction and industry. Dwarfs stand no taller than 5 feet, but have such broad and powerful shoulders they appear almost box like. Dwarfish women are as strong as their male counterparts (though no beards).


2 Bump of Direction, only underground

Resistance to cold and heat 4 +2 Constitution (+2 to maximum)

5 +5 to Strength (+5 to maximum)

Detect Metal or Stone (may be bought up to ranged and analytical levels. May not be a sense, and may not be targeting. Choose type at conception, could have both for +5 points) 5 1d6 major transform Stone or Metal, 0DCV, (Choose type at conception, could have both for +5 points, may be bought up to be more powerful, but must maintain concentration).


23 Total Cost


Like most races, the Halflings date back to the Time of Changes during the war against the Unleashed. Their diminutive bodies are the result of constant exposure the magic used to thwart the Unleashed. Though small, they are a hardy people, who have a natural resistance to magical alteration. They also have the ability to hide themselves from sight in a way that is uncanny to the other races. Halflings are also one of the most pragmatic of species, and while quite passionate about enjoying life, they are never hasty in making important decisions. They value good debate, especially theatrical in nature, and most of their leaders are quick witted speakers.


+Stealth, with a + 3 to roll 7 21 points of Power Defense, only vs. Transforms (-2)

10 2 levels of DCV


25 Total Cost

Minor Races

There are other intelligent species, though they appear to be regional in nature and not as widespread as the major races. It is not entirely understood if these races are derived from Man or created by the warping effects of the Unleashed. None of the minor races appear to have existed before the fall of Keld and the New Awaking of Magic. It is theorized that these races, like several of the magical creatures now in the world, came back with the magic. These minor races include: Gnomes, Goblins, Trolls, Ogres, Kobolds, Lizardmen, Centaurs, and others.

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