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History of the Keldan Empire

The city of Keld started as a small city on the Pelcebian peninsula on the continent of West Auster, that grew to command a great republic and empire. Founded by a gathering of philosopher-magi, Keld was governed by a Conclave, elected by its citizens. At first, the actual citizens and the Conclave were the same people, but as time passed, more citizens were added, and seats on the Conclave were tied to geographic regions. Over the course of 300 years, the Republic grew. In that time it created the position of Urconsul, a leader elected by the Conclave to act in cases of emergencies. Over time, these leaders held longer and longer terms, and grew in power. Eventually, they became directly elected by the now large population of citizens.

Part of Keld’s strength was its mastery of magic, primarily through the number of wizards produced. Over half the Conclave membership were practitioners of magical arts at any given time. In order to maintain a check on the power of one man, the Conclave was led by the great Urconsul, Aldus Maximus, to fashion the Constitution Stone. This black rock was a smooth, polished stone, with the words of the Keldish Constitution carved within it. Aldus swore allegiance to it while placing his hand upon it, and thus was bound by its dictates. For 600 years, Keld grew from Republic to Empire and the Urcounsls became Emperors, who selected their heirs. Always, the new Emperor would swear on the stone. Even with the stone binding its leaders, Keld started to drift.

Eventually, a selected Heir was rejected by the stone. Another was found by the Conclave (now a hereditary group) to assume the throne, and thereafter all proposed heirs were vetted with the stone. This lasted for another 100 years, but soon enough no one was able to meet the requirements of the stone. It was in this time that a new infestation of the Unleashed (demons) arose and ravaged the empire. When it was over, only barbarians were left in the wake of the collapse.

For the past 500 years, the peoples of the old provinces, and various barbarian peoples have slowly formed the new nations of West Auster.

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