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At the start of everything there was Ur, who first created the esme’. Esme’ is the essence of everything. It takes the form of matter, energy, space and time and even life. Everything that is, is at its core, esme’.

Magic in Kale’urth comes from the manipulation of esme’. By reorganizing esme’, magic can make changes both large and small. Manipulation of esme’ is possible through Will. Only those creatures with Will can directly affect esme’.

Magic falls into three general broad categories, Joga (Personal),Tama (Channeling), and Inha (Inherent)


Joga is using personal Will to manipulate esme’. It usually has few limitations on its use, but its power is limited to the Will of the user. Often, a user will use a reserve of unbound esme’ to increase the power of the effect, or use loosely bound esme’ in the form of materials. Unfortunately, esme’ in the form of life is very loosely bound, and as such, using life to create effects can be powerful. Blood Magic is not common, however, because the wild esme’ released can easily overwhelm the user.


Tama magic is when the caster uses the Will of another for effect. This can be the Will of a greater being, such as an Elohim. It can also come from other mortals. This effect can even occur without need for strong spells. A popular leader, for instance, gains power from the support of his people.


Inha is the magical effects that are natural to some creatures. In many ways this is a type of Tama, because it is usually a power that flows from Kale’ herself. Examples would be the magic of the Kale’kin and the wings of a Manticore.

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