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In the north it is said that two Evaanii embraced death so that they could create life from their own bodies, and that is where the first Man and Woman came from. Between them, they had many children that came into the world.

At the (inland sea), the tale is told that the two Evaanii wondered what life on Kale’urth was like, and took a form similar to the Kale’kin. Once there, they were so enraptured of living that they would not return to the heavens. Another tale in the around the sea is that they could not return. Yet another says the women had children, and would not leave her children, and her husband would not leave her.

Around (??), it is told that Eos gave will to animals of Kale’urth, and those animals bore human children. These children were raised by their animal parents. They knew fire, for Eos brought them that, and learned to hunt and live from the land. Eventually, they learned to plant and grow and build cities. To these humans, any animal with “hands” is sacred (apes, monkeys, racoons, bears), and killing them requires special rites to Kale’ and Eos.

No one is sure where humans arose from. They are common on Kale’urth, and fight with the other races for space and resources. It is possible, of course, that all the myths are wrong, or perhaps they are all right.

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