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Ur – All. The Start and the End. Creator of all things.

Evaanii – First created beings by Ur. Divided into Adoya(creators) & Anunaki.

Adoya – gifted with the power of creation and given domain over planets and other heavenly bodies.

Kaafi – the Sun, light, fire.

Selna – the moon, night, and beauty

Kale’ – Urth, life. Merged with her planet to help mend the wounds caused by the Host of Bhelair

Eos – the Morning Star and discoverer of Will. Curiosity

Akhua(Bhelair) – The corrupted one. Has the greatest power of creation as he had no heavenly body to oversee. Betrayed the rest of the Adoya and brought chaos to the orderly Sanhedrin (pantheon of deities)

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