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The Story of Creation

NOTE: This story implies there may be other beings beside Kale’ that are gods and they may have created races. Myths don’t all have to make sense.

The Story of Creation

Ur was All, and is All. Ur was at the Start and was at the End. Ur created Chaos and Broke the Order. He separated Past from Future to create Now. He divided Here and There to create Between. Ur cleaved Evil from Good, and created Will. Ur parted the Light and Darkness to create Sight, Sound and Silence to create Voice. With Voice, Ur spoke and created the heavens. This was the Beginning of all Things.

Ur spat and crated the sun. From its fire he pulled the world, and called it Urth. He created the planets and set them in motion, including the moon to reflect the sun in the darkness. He stilled the seas, and created land, and the world was formed but barren.

Ur was alone, and his voice was unheard, so Ur created others, and added hearing to the place between sound and silence. These he called the Evaanii. Their glory reflected Ur, and they danced around him, and moved among the heavens.

Ur choose among the Evaanii, giving gifts to each. The highest he called Adoya. They had the gifts of creation. The Anunaki he choose to serve and follow.

He set Kaafi with the Sun to light the day. He gave the moon to Selna, to guard the night. Kale’, his treasured daughter, he gave the jewel of Urth. He gave the tending of the planets to other Adoya as well. Kaafi blazed and kept back the darkness. Kale’ brought forth life across the world, nourished by Kaffi’s light. Selna illuminated the night. Other Adoya were set with the planets. Together they kept council and ordered the Heavens, and called themselves the Sanhedrin.

Eos, keeper of the Morning Star, roamed the heavens. Eos was always seeking, always curious. Among the stars he discovered Will and took it to his brothers and sisters. Those that partook of Will changed and saw the world anew.

One of these was the Adoya Akhua (meaning Lost Name). Akhua had no planet or star, but was gifted with the greatest power of creation. With Will, Akhua, choose to grow jealous of the others. He choose not to be content with what he had, but desired the powers of the others.

Akhua seduced Selna to pine for Kaffi. Enraptured by Kaffi’s beauty, Selana refused to shine on her own, but would only reflect Kaffi’s light. She chased him across the night, not keeping her station. He spread Will to others, and they choose to follow him. A third of the Evaanii dreamed of more power and their own glory and turned from Ur. Akhua delighted in his glory, and turned his power to create a new world to rival Urth. But, driven by a spirit of covetousness, his world was fouled. In trying to usurp Kale’, it moved too close to Urth.

The rest of the Sanhedrin heard their sister cry out, and saw the damage to Urth. Eos lead the hosts against Akhua, and drove him and his followers from the heavens to the Between that Akhua had made. Kaafi took Akhua’s name from him, and called him Bheliar. Bheliar, cast out of the heavens, sank into his depths, all he created tainted by his Evil. Kale’ became one with the world as she healed its wounds, and the Sanhedrin named the world Kale’urth.

Some of the Host of Bheliar did not follow him, but linked their space to Kale’urth. They walked the world and their footsteps created new things. They called themselves the Satanail. Eos brought Will to the Kale’kin, and to every form fashioned by the Satanail. Thus choice was possible on Kale’urth. They also placed Evaanii upon the world, and called them Elohim to guard the life that was there.

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