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Caudalis Beast

The caudalis beast is a top level predator native to most hot climates of Kale’urth. They have adapted to survive in desert and tropical forests. Average creatures were between 10-15 feet in length, 6-8 feet tall and weighing 600-800 pounds. This carnivore attacks with its large curved claws. A crocodile-like snout, filled with many large, dagger-like teeth, are used to kill its prey. Rows of protective plates covering its back formed a defensive shield against attack.

A solitary ambush predator, the caudalis beast would lie in wait near water sources or natural game trails and surprise its prey, using its sharp foreclaws and powerful bite. In tropical surroundings, they have been known to lie in wait at large pools or rivers that can cover their bodies. In desert areas, they have been known to dig under the sand to bury themselves to lie in wait. Their front legs have well developed digits that they can use to climb rock outcroppings to leap down on their prey. They have excellent far-sight as well as an overdeveloped sense of smell for use in planning their attack.

Caudalis beasts have been seen in family groups while the young are still developing. Once the youth is grown, the family group will break up, the child fending for itself. The mated pair will separate for at least a year, skipping the next mating season, but will often reunite many times throughout their life.

The caudalis beast is largely left alone by other creatures and races given their ferocious nature, ability to detect potential attacks, and relative size. Other than civilized humanoids, the only other creature known to kill it are other caudalis as they are cannibals and will eat adversaries if their territory is threatened. The soleiri are known for hunting these beasts and have adapted nearly every scrap to some useful function. Their back plating is a prized armor component for its light weight and relative level of protection. Many of the other parts are used by shamanistic groups for various rituals. The soleiri have perfected a preservation process on the meat that can make it last for months and still remain tasty and nutritious.

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