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Significant Officers on the Excelsior

Position Rank Name Race Sex
Captain Captain Arraid Andorian M
First Officer Commander Lesia Flores Human F
Briefing Officer (2nd Officer) Lt. Commander William Derbyshire Human M
Science Officer (3rd Officer) Lt. Commander Amanda Nicholson Human F
Chief Engineer (4th Officer) Lt. Commander Gonsoc Kayto Tellarite M
Chief Medical Officer Commander Edward Okoye Human M
Head of Security Marine Major August Guon Human M
Second in Command Security Marine Captain Sonora Deseo Human F
Transporter Chief Chief Petty Officer Ty Sothear Human M
Chief Quartermaster Chief Petty Officer Darmok Sung Prellian M
Shuttle Crew Commander Lieutenant (SG) Uni Cavelar Alpha Cent. F
Nurse Lieutenant (JG) Bari’Koen Cygnan F
Senior Weapons Officer Lieutenant (SG) Sendor’telmoth’Venel (Venel) Fraili M
Senior Communications Officer Lieutenant (JG) Adam Lotario Human M
Senior Helmsman Lieutenant (SG) H’Farri M’anlgr “Far Man” Rigelian M
Captain’s Yeoman Ensign Suzi Akashi Human F

Captain Arraid

Ship’s Captain

Captain Arraid Kyltal Merrark Uran Bretan is the first Andorian captain of a Constitution Class Starship. This is his second ship command, after command of the DD class NCC 534 USS Eisenhower. Arraid has dreamed of the sought-after command of a first rank cruiser his whole career. Knowing that most of his race struggle with non-Andorians, Arraid dedicated himself to the study of other cultures and interactions. Today he is quite adept at interactions with any race.

Arraid has served with distinction in his various roles, including service as executive officer on the USS Farragut, where he had also been the briefing officer. However, his Silver Star was awarded while leading his Prime Team the Rat Knights to defend colonists of Argosa V from pirates while coordinating with the leader of the Tiberians who were stopping the massive local beast threatening to trample the locals and eat their food supply. It was that action helped to set both Prime Team leaders on a fast track to their respective Captain’s Chairs.

While less distant than typical, Arraid still engages in a formality with the crew, and is always impeccably groomed (think Picard more than Kirk). He has already earned the respect of his new senior staff through his interpersonal skills during the shakedown process for the newly refitted Excelsior.

Commander Lesia Flores

First Officer

Commander Flores is human, of clear Hispanic descent, from the Nocha Terris area of Mars. She is new Commander, and this is her first time in this role. She was selected specifically by Captain Arraid from the candidate pool, though until then, they had never met.

Commander Flores is warm, and easily approachable by any in the crew. At 5’2”, she is short for a human, but her outgoing personality makes her seem bigger. She takes her role seriously and is making sure that the Excelsior is run to the Captain’s liking but has not alienated any of the crew. She is delighted by the mentoring provided by Arraid.

Lt. Commander William Derbyshire

Briefing Officer (Second Officer)

William Derbyshire hails from London and is a throwback to the middle of the 20th Century. His commanding English Accent is emitted from under a large bushy mustache. He appears quite happy in his role and is entering his 5th year as the briefing officer for the Excelsior.

Commander Derbyshire is exacting, but fair, even if he sometimes appears to be a task master. However, he enjoys sports for exercise, and the away team department always wins any interdepartmental soccer matches. More than one young crewmember has found “Coach Darb” has steered him or her in the right direction.

Commander Edward Okoye, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Okoye (Doc OK) hails from the colony of New Axum, settled mostly by humans from the African continent. His skin is a deep black that appears almost Rigellian. He is the oldest member of the crew and has served longer than any other person. In what seems to be a Star Fleet tradition, he has been close to the past two captains, as a personal confidant and consultant. It remains to be seen if he will fill that role with Captain Arraid.

While Dr. Okoye can have a booming voice, he is quite gentle and calming. He is an expert on Federation biology, and xenobiology. He has written 11 papers in his time on starships and is cited in three different medical textbooks. Anyone on an away team knows if they can get back to the ship, the Doctor will make it “OK”.

Lt. Commander Amanda Nicholson

Science Officer (Third Officer)

Commander Nicholson was raised by her scientist parents on a small research colony with a number and not a name. As all too often happens at these outposts, Star Fleet was required to save the colony from a local disaster. Entranced by their saviors, Amanda eventually decided to join Star Fleet, and her father used his contacts to get her an appointment. Amanda is not interested in command, and frankly would rather Commander Kayto be the third officer, but her spotless record and service seniority prevented that.

Lt. Commander Gonsoc Kayto

Chief Engineer (Fourth Officer)

Commander Kayto served as Chief Engineer on the Eisenhower under Captain Arraid. He is a skilled engineer, but one who does not suffer fools gladly. His service record is marked by reprimands for insubordination and at least once trip to the brig for a fight. His record also shows commendation for bravery, including saving a dozen lives in the engineering accident which took the life of the woman he replaced. Ironically, considering the long-standing animosity between the two races, Kayto’s attitude has improved under the coaching of Captain Arraid, who values his advanced skills. Kayto sees this post as a chance to leave some of that past behind. He is still going to tell you if he does not like you. He is also fiercely protective of his ship and her crew. While he is riding his staff hard, the Excelsior was able to complete shakedown trials two weeks early under his leadership, giving the crew extra shore leave. No one is sure who first nicknamed him “Speedy Gonsocles”, but it has stuck and Kayto has taken in it good humor. In fact, he now drinks coffee exclusively mug with an old cartoon mouse on it, and refers to his staff as “Mi hombres”.

Chief Petty Officer Darmok Sung

Chief Quartermaster

Quartermaster Sung as been in his role since signing on two captains ago. He has little interest in moving on from his ordered world. Prellians like to go by their surname, so he goes by Sung. Sung is quiet and reserved, preferring an ordered mind, and ordered life. He had considered being a Stone Singer as a child, like his mother, but was too fascinated by space travel and it support. Sung is quite happy in his current role, and takes what others see as an almost religious pride in the tools and equipment he provides to the crew of the Excelsior Indeed, he maintains a ready rate that is 20% higher than standard. Arraid plans to use all his bureaucratic wiles to keep Sung on his ship, and not to be poached by a Commodore of a Command Cruiser.

Marine Major August Guon

Head of Security

Major Guon was selected by Captain Arraid because they served together on their Prime Team. Guon is an expert in heavy weapons and small unit tactics. He is a large man, with clear north European heritage, right down to his close-cut red hair. Standing at 6’5”, and half that wide, Major Guon is an imposing man. His hearty laugh is often heard to echo down the ship. Guon’s statement to his team when he boarder was “We are NOT in the business of letting anyone take over the ship. There are to be no “Guest Bridges” on board the Excelsior!

Marine Captain “Major” Sonora Deseo

Second in command for Security

Sonora Deseo is a small woman, just at 5’2”, of clear pacific islander descent. She had 6 older brothers, and say they taught her how to fight. She is an expert at several forms of Terran and other martial arts. She is more serious than her new boss, and had hoped to succeed her old one, but was too junior. She is still working on adjusting to not getting the job, though only “Coach Darb” knows the full extent.

Chief Petty Officer Ty Sothear

Transporter Chief

Most ships do not have a published senior enlisted man running their transporter, but the crew of the Excelsior is glad to have him. Chief Sothear wrote three papers on ion storms and use of transporters, one of which changed Star Fleet’s training. He is introverted, and tends to spend his off time by himself, however, he regularly pulls extra shifts, feeling that it is his duty to be there when Away teams are in action. He has been knows to nap on a cot set up in the transporter room for long missions.

Lieutenant (SG) Uni Cavelar

Shuttle Crew Commander

Uni should have been a fighter pilot, but she loves working with teams. She is energetic and excited all of the time, and her energy is infectious. Commander Flores notes her department is the happiest on the ship. Uni’s biggest leadership flaw is taking the hard missions for herself, and it is something Commander Flores is working on with her. However, her skill as a pilot means she is the one the away teams want when they know it will get hot.

Lieutenant (JG) Bari’koen


Bari is a ship favorite, especially with the male of the crew. Her natural racial traits do not hurt her as much in the medical field as they would in the more regular navy parts of the ship. She has a great sense of humor, and bedside manner. Doc OK has noted more than one young male crewman showing up for treatment of minor injuries just to say hi to Nurse Bari.

Lieutenant (SG) Sendor’telmoth’Venel

Senior Weapons Officer

Venel is the only Fraili on board the Excelsior and he brings some curiosity from the rest of the crew. He delights in powering his own array of devices to the interest of his shipmates. As a weapon’s officer over the past 18 months, he has already shown good skill in several encounters. The Captain has impressed him with his rapid learning about the formality of Fraili culture. Venel is rapidly becoming close to Lt. Commander Kayto, giving him his first true friend since he joined the crew.

Lieutenant (JG) Adam Lotario

Senior Communications Officer

Adam Lotario is young for his role. He was assigned at the last moment when the former Senior Communications Officer, as the newly promoted Caitain Lieutenant (SG) M’Ress was transferred to another ship. Adam is excited to be jumped up into this roll, and understands he is under the close watch of both Commander Flores the Captain. Adam is dealing with this pressure by trying to live up to his Italian heritage and name and is doing a good job with wooing female crewmen. However, Lieutenant Cavelar appears totally immune, and Nurse Bari has clearly friend-zoned him.

Lieutenant (SG) H’Farri “Far Man” M’anglar

Senior Helmsman

One of four Rigillians on board, “Far Man” is the only one not in the Marines. He is slender for his race, but has their common, solid personality. Unusual for a non-Vulcan, Far Man has some psionic abilities of precognition. He says that he has little control of his ability, but Venel is sure he has moved the Excelsior from harm’s way more than once when there was no way to know to move like that. Far Man just shrugs it off. Outside of Venel’s statements, no one is fully convinced, but Far Man finds it hard to find people for card games.

Ensign Suzi Akashi

Captain’s Yeoman

One of the hardest jobs on the Excelsior is that of the Captain’s Yeoman. Suzi does this job very well but is currently stressed with the way her new Captain changes his schedule. Always working to meet the needs of his direct reports, Arraid will put his tasks on hold to put in appearances and meet with crew. He depends on Suzi to keep the meetings organized and still make sure he gets everything done. Suzi has found, however, Arraid is quite patient with her, a big change from her last boss.

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