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Use the following tables to determine your character’s starting rank. At GM discretion, players may pick the ranks of their characters. Seniority tables are below the Rank tables.

Rank Tables

Dice Roll Field Commander: Navel Field Commander: Marine
2-5 Lieutenant SG (Officer) Captain (Officer)
6-12 Lt. Commander (Officer) Major (Officer)
Dice Roll Other Commander: Navel Other Commander: Marine
2-3 Ensign (Officer) Second Lieutenant (Officer)
4-7 Lieutenant JG (Officer) First Lieutenant (Officer)
8-12 Lieutenant SG (Officer) Captain (Officer)
Dice Roll Navel Engineering/Science Marine Engineering/Science
2-3 Junior Petty Officer (Enlisted) Corporal (NCO)
4-6 Senior Petty Officer (Enlisted) Sergeant (NCO)
7 Chief Petty Officer (Enlisted) Sgt. Major (NCO)
8 Lieutenant SG (Officer) Captain (Officer)
9-10 Lieutenant JG (Officer) First Lieutenant (Officer)
11-12 Ensign (Officer) Second Lieutenant (Officer)
Dice Roll Navel Medical Marine Medical
2 Junior Petty Officer (Enlisted) Corporal (NCO)
3 Senior Petty Officer (Enlisted) Sergeant (NCO)
4 Chief Petty Officer (Enlisted) Sgt. Major (NCO)
5-9 Lieutenant SG (Officer) Captain (Officer)
10-11 Lieutenant JG (Officer) First Lieutenant (Officer)
12 Ensign (Officer) Second Lieutenant (Officer)
Dice Roll Marine Combat Specialist/Scout
2-3 Corporal (NCO)
4-6 Sergeant (NCO)
7-8 Second Lieutenant (Officer)
9 Sgt. Major (NCO)
10-11 First Lieutenant (Officer)
12 Captain (Officer)
Dice Roll Marine Heavy Weapons Specialist
2-3 Corporal (NCO)
4-7 Sergeant (NCO)
8-9 Second Lieutenant (Officer)
10 Sgt. Major (NCO)
11-12 First Lieutenant (Officer)
Dice Roll Vulcan Psionics Master-Navel Vulcan Psionics Master-Marine
2-4 Ensign (Officer) Second Lieutenant (Officer)
5-9 Lieutenant JG (Officer) First Lieutenant (Officer)
10-12 Lieutenant SG (Officer) Captain (Officer)

Seniority Tables

2D6 Roll Seniority
2-3 0
4-5 2
6-8 4
9-10 6
11-12 8

Add the Valued Listed under the Seniority column for your roll to the Starting Seniority value listed for your Rank below.

Starting Seniority

Naval Officer Naval Enlisted Marine Officer Marine Enlisted Starting Seniority
Ensign Junior PO 2nd Lt. Corporal 0
Lt. JG Senior PO 1st. Lt. Sergeant 11
Lt. SG Captain 31
Lt. Comdr. Chief PO Major Sgt. Major 51

The Result is your initial Seniority Rating. If your character has a higher Seniority Rating of another character of an equal or equivalent rank, then he is considered above him in the chain of command. Two characters of the same Prime Team should never have equal Seniority Ratings. If two characters have the same seniority, then roll and additional 1D6 for each character until one rolls higher than the other. This will establish seniority and chain of command. This does not affect their seniority value itself; it simply determines which is “most senior” at that point. Your character’s Seniority Rating will change as he advances through play. It is even possible he might be promoted and advance in rank!

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