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Character Creation Checklist

In creating a translation from the original Prime Directive to Hero, I have made a few changes to the Hero methods to accomplish the transition. This was originally for 4th Ed. but should carry over to 5th Ed. with little problem. It will work best if you use this checklist while creating your character. Refer to the Prime Rules Page. Also, I have created two sample characters: Lieutenant (JG) Karl David, and Sergeant Phandrar that you can review to see how characters are built using this system. (Follow the general guidelines in Prime Directive 1st Ed. starting on page 17 if needed)

Select Race

Select a race from one of the Racial Package Deals listed, remembering that the Racial Disadvantages do not count against the character’s total disadvantages. If you wish to play a race listed in the Federation Source book (or design your own, please see the GM about conversion or what is appropriate. Natural Speed 5 races are not appropriate.

Add Service Packages

Add the Star Fleet Skills Package. These are the basic skills learned in Star Fleet. All Characters have them as part of their training. Players are free to add to these skills to increase them. The Skill level in hand to hand may be increased or turning into points for Marital Arts. Then select your Service Package from the Listed Services. Pay the cost associated with each package and purchase the appropriate skills.

Purchase Skills

Purchase the appropriate skills for your character from the skill list provided with your remaining points. Note any changes to skills in the Prime Rules Skills Section, and decide on any points you wish to spend on your Background Rating.

Select or Roll for Rank and Seniority as outlined in Prime Rules: Ranks. Add any Seniority Points/5 (rounded down) in skills and skill levels.

Add Personal Interest Skills

Add 5 “freebie” points in Personal Interest Skills. These skills may not be added to any other skills purchased and are intended to flesh out the character. Languages are appropriate, as would be archeology or the like. Master of Kung Fu would not, though additional Knowledge about obscure martial arts would be.

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