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HP/inch 10; Hardness 5; Cost: 50 gp/lb.

The dark brown wood of the cypress-like waterwood tree that grows in groves in saltwater pools and at the sea’s edge is a valuable commodity. Although no stronger than normal wood, its ability to withstand the corrosive effects of seawater make it a prized possession of aquatic races. Waterwood is not subject to the normal rotting effects of other wood when submerged in seawater. Out of seawater, however, it begins to dry out, losing its elasticity and becoming more brittle. Unless placed into seawater for at least 1 hour every 24 hours, waterwood will dry out irreversibly (hardness 2, hp 5/in. when dry). Many aquatic races make use of waterwood and claim sea shore groves as part of their lands. This, plus the fact that the wood must be submerged in water every 24 hours, has kept waterwood from becoming a more common commodity. Although one would think it to be ideal for sea-going vessels, the extra expense and danger of obtaining the wood plus the fact that it is no more resistant to barnacles than ordinary wood has kept it from finding widespread use.

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