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Class and Character Information

Class Bard
Alignment Neutral Good
Campaign Trait Barroom Tailspinner



Race AgeEyesHair



Tulie grew up listening to tales of adventure and piracy on the high seas and the sea chanteys of old salts in dockside dives. She learned all about what it’s like to be a pirate by talking with the sailors on shore leave and learned how to tell a tale (or perform some other pirate entertainment) herself.

Tulie went to a tavern called the Formidably Maid in Port Peril to earn a few coins with her tales of the sea. The patrons seemed pleased with her performance and bought her a few drinks. She had just remembered a tale of an unfortunate sailor who found himself press-ganged on a pirate ship after his drink was drugged when suddenly everything went black.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
TellaMotherGoodStill Alive
LorenFatherGoodStill Alive
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