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Ostario Orrin


Orrin’s family fled Chelix when Andoran threw off the yolk of demonic oppression and declared its freedom. Starting in near poverty, Ostario built a trading empire and is one of the richest of the self-made men in Almas. Early on he Exposed a Chelix spy that was trying to infiltrate the Lumber Consortium. This ended up costing Ostirc a deal, and helping the Consortium, but helped establish his bonafides.   His eldest daughter, Ionna, runs the day to day operations of his concerns. His son, Concord, is a proud member of the Eagle Knights. His third child, Albrecht, sits in the People’s Council, and his youngest is a cleric, Saraka, with the church of Iomedae.

Orrin now takes a hand in various special operations. He has collected an odd assortment of agents that assist him. Gizmar the Plaid, is a Gnomish alchemist that created a healing salve. The Dwaven Lormaster Grall, is keeper of his secrets. Osyria, the mystic fire Oracle, who is rumored to be of Efriti decent, helps guide Orrin’s decisions. The humans Anton Geiger, Duelist, and the Masked Monks, are his bodyguards.

Also in his service are Falcor Armistaid, a human Ranger, Ezrah Willowan, an elvish Mage, and others.

Each of his children are accompanied by a Masked Monk Body Guard at all times. He has been protected by them since the year after his wife was killed by a Chelix cultist.

Orrin is a known critic of the Lumber Consortium. He has enemies in that area, but the support of many of the people, including luber-jacks and log-runners as he advocates for workers rights. Many are not sure if this is a pose and a path to increase his power, or a true concern.

Orrin is responsible for several innovations:

Saving Salve Based on formulation from Katpesh swamp. Applied to wounds, it creates a non-magical healing effect through its antibiotic formula and regenerative properties.

Gizmar's the Plaid Name Extract This is variation of the Saving Salve, which is effectively an antibiotic in liquid form. It is taken orally and has saved many lives.

Ostrins wood sealer Revolutionary sealer that extends the life of wood used in ships. It is based on certain tar and vegetable extracts, and is helping the Andoran Navy last longer in the water.

He has trading concerns from around the Inner Sea. His factions get the raw materials for products, but also goes uses those trips to move goods and services.  Osyria helps to guide his transactions. Whatever he brings to market always seems to be the right spot.

Special Projects of Note:

Expedition to Magwi to retrieve living dino eggs Construction of 8 special trading ships, magic in their hull. Three he uses, and the other 5 he licenses out to Apis for enough to cover the operations of his three. Called the Ossrtins 8, his three are said to be superior, but they all appear to be the same. Spire of Nex exploration was led by his alchemist, and was key in unlocking the secret to wood sealer. It is rumored this trip brought back other secrets yet to be reveled. Creation of a hot air balloon. Local Gnomes bought the secret outright. They have yet to make money on it, but they have had some spectacular races and some crashes.


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