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City of the Dead

The sturdy stone buildings of Wati's necropolis were once part of the living city, and even now could still be mistaken for apartments, estates, shops, or tenements if not for the faded paint and desert sand piling up in the streets. Separated from the rest of the city by high stone walls inscribed with prayers and blessings, the necropolis has an outward appearance ofpeace and repose. The dusty streets are mostly empty oflife, but a variety ofcreatures, both living and undead, still call the necropolis home, surreptitiously avoiding the notice of Pharasma's clergy. Entrance to this section ofthe city is highly regulated by the Church ofPharasma, and the priesthood reconsecrates the necropolis each year as part of a weeklong festival surrounding the Day of Bones. Astute locals know that this ceremony provides little actual protection from the dangers hiding in the necropolis

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