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Player Character's Known Family Members

Tunami Tor

Name Relationship Status Notes
TseshortsaBrotherNeutralAge 28
BomaniBrotherNeutralAge 24
OubastetBrotherNeutralAge 19
ArpaesisBrotherNeutralAge 18
SahuraBrotherNeutralAge 17
AmunetSisterNeutralAge 15
ResephBrotherNeutralAge 13
AufaaFatherDeadDied at Age 44
Ta-hemiMotherDeadDied at Age 40
Rathos Tumentu-afMentorDeadDied this year

Kepher ibn Masud

Name Relationship Status Notes
SakhmetTwin SisterGood??
ResephBrotherNeutralAge 13
MasudFatherDeadDied at Age 44
AntartaMotherDeadDied in battle
SitraStep MotherGoodMet Masud in Temple
SennofreStep BrotherGoodSon of Sitra, Adopted by Masud
HatshepsutHalf SisterGoodDaughter of Sitra and Masud

Keva Devar

Name Relationship Status Notes


Name Relationship Status Notes
??Missing LoverGoodWhereabouts Unknown
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