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Kepher ibn Masud

Class and Character Informaton

Class Paladin
AlignmentLawful Good
Campaign Trait Blood of the Pharaohs



Race AgeEthnicityEyes


Tumani is 21 but looks closer to 30 in his weathered face. He can have both a stern and kind look depending on the situation. Tumani often has a far away look in his eyes, not the 1000 yard stare, but as if he is seeing something else.


Kepher, son of Masud and Antarta who served as soliders defending Wati. There is an old story in the family that they come from a line of great generals, one of which seized the pharohship during one of the many wars of succession centuries prior to Qadira's seizing of control. His family were one of many that quietly remained true to the Old Gods when the foreign rulers brought thier Gods with them.

From a young age, Kepher and his twin sister Sakhmet were trained to take part in the city guard once they were of age. Things changed when his mother Antarta was killed in a undead outbreak during a routine patrol. Masud's wounds were tended to in the House of Isis where he met Sitra, a healer in temple. He spent over a year working though his grief and eventually married Sitra and formally adopted her son Sennofre who is an acoylte in the temple of Ptah. They eventually produced a daughter Hatshepsut.

Sakhmet dealt with her grief by taking up the mantle of her mother and joining the guard. Kepher heard the call Anubis to use his skills to put down the undead scourge on their lands.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
SakhmetTwin SisterGood??
ResephBrotherNeutralAge 13
MasudFatherDeadDied at Age 44
AntartaMotherDeadDied in battle
SitraStep MotherGoodMet Masud in Temple
SennofreStep BrotherGoodSon of Sitra, Adopted by Masud
HatshepsutHalf SisterGoodDaughter of Sitra and Masud
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