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Taalen Hightop

Class and Character Information

Class Thurge/Wizard/Cleric
Level 2/3/3
Alignment Neutral Good



Race AgeEthnicityEyesHair
HumanCharacter Ages TableUnknownBrownBrown


Taalen Hightop is a serious man focused on his work.


Taalen was a sojourner who settled briefly in Varnhold. He traveled with Vern Rome to the neighboring Kingdom of Thylicia and its Capitol, Stagfell. While there he heard of his new home dropping all communications and enlisted the help of the Founders in investigation. Trained in both mystic and holy arts, Taalen follows the path of Ragathiel, not one of the major gods.

Adventuring History

Taalen participated in the exploration of Varnhold and the defeat of the Lich. Notably, he loaned his broadsword to the king to fight the undead. Not a subject of Thylicia, Taalen was a vocal critic of King Aryn's clear ambitions to expand the Kingdom. After the defeat of the Cyclopes Lich, Taalen resumed his travels, bidding farewell to his new friends.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
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