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Mantel of Aroden

SLOT none CL 12th WEIGHT 2 lbs. AURA strong Divine

This tattered Mantel was once white but is now a dusty brown. It was worn by High Priest Bellathos during the Third Expansion. He served as a warrior-priest brining the truth and light of The First Man to the barbarians of the hinterlands.

The Mantel provides some of its glory to the wearer, giving her a +2 on any social roll to influence Talden Natives.

First Triumph: +1 Saving Throws, Resistant Touch (Protection Domain) 1 x Day + Triumph

Second Triumph: Divine Presence (Glory Domain) 1 x day + Triumph, +3 Any Social Roll to influence Talden Natives,+2 to Saving Throws

Third Triumph: +2 Wisdom, +5 Any Social Roll to influence Talden Natives

Fourth Triumph: +4 Wisdom, +4 Saving Throws, Unity (Community Domain) 1 x day + Triumph

Fifth Triumph: +6 Wisdom Bonus, +5 resistance bonus Saving Throws

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