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Dignity’s Barb

SLOT none CL 12th WEIGHT 2 lbs. AURA strong divination

Brass inlay and Taldan military symbols adorn fine wooden stock of this masterwork darkwood light crossbow. The polished stock feels slightly warm to the touch when held. An golden inscription bears the name of General Gerefein of the Seventh Army of Exploration. In his most famous act, the general turned the tide of a prolonged and vicious battle with a canny Kellid warlord. Through the driving snow of a chaotic blizzard, General Gerefein shot practically blind, yet his bolt struck a lethal blow, dashing the warlord from his mount. As the Kellid soldiers watched their leader fall, they broke their charge, leaving General Gerefein the victor on that day

The crossbow gives its wielder a touch of the luck that bore the general to great victories. Anyone firing Dignity’s Barb reduces miss chances from concealment by 5%. The user of Dignity's Barb takes no penalties for firing into melee combat.

First Triumph: Dignity’s Barb is a +1 darkwood light crossbow and reduces miss chances from concealment by 10%. In addition, once per day when the weapon threatens a critical hit, the wielder can roll twice to confirm the critical and take the better result.

Second Triumph: Dignity’s Barb is a +1 seeking darkwood light crossbow. Reroll Confirm Crit x2 Day

Third Triumph: Dignity’s Barb is a +2 seeking darkwood light crossbow. The wielder can use its ability to roll twice to confirm a critical hit twice per day (though he can use it only once on a given critical threat). In addition, the wielder can attempt a lucky shot to foil a ranged attack. Once per day when a ranged weapon attack targets a creature within 30 feet of the wielder, the wielder can shoot Dignity’s Barb at the projectile as an immediate action. He rolls a ranged attack, and if the result exceeds the attacker’s roll, that attack is negated. This ability can be used only if Dignity’s Barb is loaded or if the wielder can use Rapid Reload or a similar ability.

Fourth Triumph: Dignity’s Barb is a +4 seeking darkwood light crossbow. Sniping; Reroll Confirm Crit at Will (not just twice per day)

Fifth Triumph: Dignity’s Barb is a +5 seeking darkwood light crossbow. At the start of each day, the crossbow’s owner rolls a d20, rerolling any results of 1, 19, or 20 and recording the final result. For the rest of that day, when the owner rolls the recorded number on an attack roll with Dignity’s Barb, the attack roll is a critical threat. This has no benefit for anyone other than the owner who rolled at the start of the day. Improved Sniping

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