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 +=====Kavian Pollinius (Silanius)=====
 +Kavian was left fatherless at a young age. Being the son of the great general Protius Silanius had its privileges of course, but it also meant he and his mother rarely saw him.
 +He and his mother (Maecia) received word of his treachery and death third hand, after their lands were siezed and they were unceremoniously turned out to the street.
 +It was not long before the truth was made known through back channels. His father had been betrayed and murdered by High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus. 
 +Maecia fled to her brother, a well-respected blacksmith turned monk, in his monastery. There Kavian took his mother's maiden name (Pollinius) and was raised in secrecy. He years to clear and assume his father's name and replace his mother as the respected noble she has always been.
 +Mother: Maecia Silanius
 +Uncle (Mother's side, mother's maiden name)  Lorenus Pollinius
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