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Iona des Vaux

Iona was sired by Thomas des Vaux to her Ulfen mother Lagertha (Lothbrok) des Vaux. Her family owns a manor in Aroden's View. Iona has her father's grey eyes and a much lighter coloring of her father's medium bronzed skin tone. With her father having a fairly dark head of copper/brown hair and her mother a platinum blonde, The des Vaux family was shocked to see Iona's rose/blonde hair when she was born.

Iona spent much of her childhood in and out of Taldor. It was her father's level of ire that decided whether she was home at the manor or out studying with her aunts and uncles from her mother's side of the family.

Thomas was highly displeased when Iona returned home following the faith of Iomedae, that “unworthy Chilaxian harlot!”, in her fathers enraged exclamation. Her mother Lagertha was saddened as well though not angry to the degree as her husband.

No longer welcome at home by her father, Iona gets to spend time with her mother only when her father is away on business. To support her daughter, Lagertha gave Iona as stipend of gold to see her anywhere but on the streets with the downtrodden masses. (200 gold - detailed in the Child of Oppara trait)

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