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 +=====Detash Rood=====
 +  *Campaign Trait: Young Reformer
 +  *Trait: Magical Talent
 +  *Trait: Suspicious 
 +  *Noble Family: None
 +Detash grew up in the Verduran Forest and left on his own to leave his family (Mom, Dad, and a younger sister) in the forest.  He moved to Oppera in the district of Eastport, and worked as a Mortician and lived through two fires that had affected Eastport.
 +Detash has learned of some suspicious deaths that were not correctly identified.  Over time, there were a few families that appeared to have noticeable feuds that were not openly displayed as feuds.  Family crypts had been robbed, and tampered with that had brought some additional hatreds from one family member towards another group of opposing family members.  These habits were getting more and more obvious with who was able to go to the funerals and the family members who became ousted from the wills and even the family namesakes.  Now, living young women are dying. Detash is now wanting to explore what is going on. It was on his own investigation  that Lady Lotheed approached him. 
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