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Zaheri Javed

Class and Character Information

Class Wizard, Necromancer
Alignment Neutral





Zaheri Javed is of Kelish descent. He has long dark hair, a neatly trimmed beard, and regal bearing. His dark brown eyes show a clear spark of intelligence.


Zaheri is the descendent of humans who embraced the path of the lich. But in their immortal lives, they were not idle in the affairs of the mortal kin. Working with others, they have spent centuries arranging marriages and subsequent offspring, the most promising of which are groomed for future lichhood themselves. Zaheri is a promising prospect. Born to unmarried parents, he was mostly raised by his father, as his mother embraced lichdom herself not long after he was born. Early on, his intelligence and affinity for magic marked Zaheri as a candidate for joining the ranks of the elites of Geb.

Zaheri's father is not magically inclined, and is more oriented towards various integrations. Zaheri takes his natural charisma from his father and intelligence from his mother. However, his father is not happy with the pathway Zaheri has for himself and this has strained his relationship.

Connections to NPCs

Name Relationship Status Notes
TumblyFamiliarLoyalVervet Monkey
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