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Blake Skelton

Class and Character Information

Class Fighter
Alignment Neutral Evil



SkeletonSturdy Skeleton42GlowingBlack


Blake is a Hobgoblin Skelton and to distinugish himself from the mindless skeltons of Geb he has different braids and sections of hair attached to his skull. His “spark” is apparent in both his bearing and speech. He carries himself as a warrior leader and while not the smartest of beings he converses as an independent entity. He wears studded leather armor and carries a greatclub.


When Azgro Skullclub was among the Quick he was a successful warrior of his regiment, proving his worth in battle and moving up in rank and standing. A bit of bad luck and a neferious sheme by an underling led to his exile.

After leaving the Bandu Hills of Sargava, Azgro traveled to Geb, finding employment as a mercenary for hire, doing what he is very good at. He once again proved his worth and was sought after for employment. Azgro's last job among the Quick was guarding a caravan. The enemy's executed a well designed ambush and killed Azgro but not before he made them pay in blood and lives. One of his frequent employers retrived his body and had him turned into a Skeleton.

His intense warrior spirit, rage and belief in his superiority meant he did not come back mindless. Now an undead skeleton he adopted a new name Blake Skelton and continues to pursue his warrior calling. Memories from the Quick Life:

  1. Betrayed by an underling and it cost my standing and caused my exile.
  2. Successful instinctual warrior with a good grasp of chaotic battlefied tactics.
  3. Ambitious in everything: Money, Exploits, Standing, Kills
  4. Traveling to Geb reinforced the only way to get ahead is by taking what you what by any means necessary.
  5. I am good at what I do and my skills and attitude will always be needed by someone who will pay for it.
  6. It was a glorious last stand.

Connections to NPCs

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