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Scrimton is the northern part of the largest of the Daltish isles. Dominated by a Mountain range, and rolling hills of the highlands, it has long been home to rough men and hardy dwarfs. The men and dwarfs of Scrimton represent a most unusual fellowship, dating back into prehistory. According to legend, both parties come from the same ancestors of the First Age, and together fled to relative safety of the island. What is clear is the complete lack of racial acrimony between the two that extends to mixed marriages and a unified government. Scrimton produces power warriors and master craftsmen. While the Dwarfs have a natural edge in the latter, one cannot make assumptions about either. It is not unusual to find the humans of Scrimton excellently skilled with the work of the Dwarves, and they find it easy to master earth magic, if they don’t share the talents of their dwarf brothers and sisters.

Long the biggest problem for the Kingdom of Brythland, Scrimton was the second Kingdom brought into a formal alliance. Unrelenting in their raids, the people of Scrimton finally brought a great army lead by Roger II upon them. Roger raised towns, and pushed the men and dwarfs into their mountain strongholds. While the mountain’s were well stocked, they could not feed the refugees, and in the fifth month of the siege, King Cathal came under parley to Roger and signed the Treaty of Great Hall. Roger had Cathal swear upon Arienvail, and agree to send his son to Brythland to sit upon the Council. Since that time, the two Kingdoms have grown closer together.

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