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During the Succession Wars, the Province of Dalton, like most of the outer parts of the empire, was spared the ravages of fighting Imperial armies. This was good, because the rulers has enough problems with the forces on the islands not under Imperial control. As Keld’s power waned, the last Imperial Governor ceased expansion by force, and retreated defensible lines, and sued for peace. While this may, or may have not worked, the coming of the Unleashed left no time for the four powers to fight amongst themselves. As the great dark ages descended, the Imperial people of Dalton lost knowledge and power, and became barley more than another tribe of barbarians.

After close to 80 years of chaos from the death of the last Imperial Governor, a young man name Brythor appeared on the scene, claiming to be the rightful heir to the seat of power. As proof, he was able to activate the Imperial Standard of office. Accompanying him was a elder Wizard, Nilmere, one who had lived before the Unleashed ravaged the land. While it was clear to the enemies of Brythor that Nilmere was guiding him, Brythor was charismatic and bound together several lords, and together they subdued all of the old Imperial Province, and established the Kingdom of Nairavel. Nairavel prospered under the rule of Brythor and his followers, whom he formed into the Council of Nobles. Like the Urconsuls of the Keldan Republic, Brythor and his lords ruled justly and by they set forth.

According to legend, the reason for this peaceful rule was the great sword wielded by Brythor, named Arienvail, was created in a forge made from the Constitution Stone. All who served Brythor, and Brythor himself were sworn by Arienvail to protect and guard the people of the kingdom from the dangers spawned by the Unleashed. An unworthy king cannot wield Arienvail, but it is as part of him to the king that is worthy. To the Council, those sworn to the service of the people protected by Arienvail, it will not harm, but oath breakers will feel its wrath. Brythland has regular, simple ceremonies to confirm maintain of oaths.

After Brythor passed, his heir ascended the throne, and Nairavel grew, and eventually took on the name of its founder. Brythland grew to be the strongest of the four nations on the Dalton isles, and was the first to field ships in the sea protecting its people against raiders from other islands to the west and east.

Today, Brythland is the seat of power for the Four Kingdoms of Kith Dalton, and has the most powerful navy. Alone of the Four Kingdoms, it has a professional army, and it allows citizens of the other three Kingdoms to join. Under the leadership of the Council and King, Kith Dalton is reasonably secure from marauders and raiding pirates, especially since the last expedition to the lands of the Northenese nearly 40 years ago, led by the Brythland King Roger IV (still King well into his 60’s). The Crown Prince is Richard, who will become the second King of that name upon accession to the throne.

Brythland’s capital city is named Camden.


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