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 +====== The Harvester’s Prayer ======
 +From Norvus:
 +I pray to Kale’.  I am Norvus and tonight is the 436th night I’ve dedicated to Kale’ since ascending to the Second Order of the harvesters. I’ve dedicated every fourth night for almost five years.  It is said in the Order that we harvesters date back to before the time of the Great Fall, that we were created by the accursed Kale’lori to harvest their crops.  This I believe.
 +Great Kale’ give me the strength to overcome the impurity of our origins.  Give me the wisdom to know when to use magic and when to avoid it.  Grant me the willpower not to abuse my might.  This I pray.
 +My form is that of all harvesters, tall, rugged, able to withstand the weather. My feet are broad.  My hands like a living toolkit, two opposable thumbs with long cutting fingernails.  My skin is like the bark of a tree. These are the hallmarks of a created being.  This I know.
 +Now we are the masters of our own destiny. This you’ve given to us, and I thank you Kale’.  In the centuries since the Great Fall you’ve preserved us, and for this I thank you also.  The Second Order will do the work of Kale’ on urth.  This I promise.
 +Praise be to Kale’.  Let the work begin…
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