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The goddess Kale’ created three races of faerie, the Kale’kin. Each of these were associated with a different aspect of a tree. The Kale’khan were like the roots, and lived close to the earth, and often in it. The Kale’lori were human sized, and associated with the trunk of the trees. The Kale’wyn had wings, and were like the wind through the leaves of the tree. Each group had their own magic specialties and abilities, as well as their own personalities. All were immune to the ravages of time and disease, and their populations grew so they covered the world.

Type Zone Magic Size Personality
Kale’wyn Air/Leaves Space/Time Small Flighty/Different Time Sense
Kale’lori Surface/Tree Life/Energy Human to Large Dominating/Inquisitive
Kale’khan Earth/Roots Matter Small to Large Grounded/Practical/Mechanistic

The Kale’kin were the only humanoid intelligences in the world. The dominate Kale’lori directed the three races. The Kale̕khan were great builders and helped to construct great cities. The Kale’wyn linked the world with portals, and bent places of the world to suit their needs. Nothing threatened the Kale’kin, not even the great beasts of chaos that roamed Kale’urth in those days.

The Kale’kin were not satisfied with their lives. Immortality breeds boredom and power over the world was impossible to resist. The Kale’lori used their life magic to make many strange creations, twisting nature. This eventually led to the creation of parodies of the Kale’kin, who could think and act. Some were kept as slaves.

The Kale’khan altered the course of rivers, and upset parts of the world. They expanded great caverns beneath the surface, altered rivers and changed coastlines. Whole sections of the world suffered. The Kale’wyn were never focused enough to make as many changes on their own, but many worked at the behest of their kin, weakening the fabric of Kale’urth.

The Priestess of Kale’ warned the Kale’kin that a reckoning was coming, but like the humans that came after, the warning were ignored. Finally, Kale’ could no longer stand the depredations of her natural wonders, and she withdrew the gifts of immorality and perfect health from her children.

Within a dozen days, Kale’kin were dying all over the world. Their great civilization collapsed, their creations roamed free. Soon, only the faithful remained. Each race blamed the others, and they went their separate ways. The Kale’kin faded into history, and the other races spent the next 10,000 years climbing up from Neolithic average.

By the time the created races developed their own civilization, the Kale’kin are a forgotten myth, known only as types of faerie. Some of each type remain, maybe even some still alive from the time of the great fall. None of them form anything greater than tribal levels. Indeed, the Kale̕lori tend to roam the world alone, fitting in with humans for parts of their lives.

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